The BlackBelt Maxx is a major leap forward in the evolution of combination bodies. This year-round workhorse excels at multitasking—in all weather conditions.
The system is loaded with advanced features: patented Load Sense Belt Tensioning, 54-inch wide pure belt design (no chain maintenance), planetary drive system (70 percent roller-to-belt engagement), low working center of gravity (no hoist or interference with overhead obstacles), steep 71-degree sloped side walls (material rests on the floor, not on the walls), high-capacity hopper, high-capacity liquid anti-ice tanks, high-volume material output, controlled load management, and comes in 10- to 17-foot body lengths.
All these features translate into serious year-round capabilities: anti-icing, deicing, salt slurry, pre-wet, and material hauling (salt, sand, gravel, medium-size rock, asphalt, snow, leaves, dirt, ash, mulch, etc.). When it comes to material hauling, the system unloads faster and safer than a dump body, emptying in 15-25 seconds. Winter road maintenance is also a snap, as the system provides simultaneous coverage for up to three lanes.
Henderson has poured more than 55 years of manufacturing excellence into the BlackBelt Maxx, so you can spend more time completing tasks, not preparing for them.
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