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GMC Business Elite Builds Relationships with Customers to Maximize Success


There are multiple factors that go in to making a business—no matter the size—prosper. From business management to marketing, employees to customers, reputation to quality equipment, a successful business is only as good as its components. And, for a business that relies heavily on the reliability of its fleet, DecoCrete Professional Solutions, Inc. couldn’t have picked a better partner than GMC Elite Business.


DecoCrete is a full-service flooring contractor with a full line of products for industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential applications, with services ranging from decorative acid stains to industrial containment areas. Founded in 1999, DecoCrete offers its customers years of experience in the resinous flooring industry. DecoCrete experience spans four decades in the industry and, as a family business, the company puts customers above sales.
DecoCrete provides its services both locally and nationally to customers and suppliers, though its focus is on the Southwest, including but not limited to Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Albuquerque, and more. The company’s business philosophy: “We give our customers more than a product; we give years of knowledge and guidance to each project.”


One of the components factoring into the success of DecoCrete are the highly trained and valued employees. Rafe Gibson, CEO and founder of DecoCrete, explains, “From small jobs to medium jobs to large, billion dollar hospitals, a lot of the things we have to do require great detail work. All of our guys are really considered craftsmen. They have to work with tools and equipment that’s very specialized.”
No amount of experience and talent can fix a job with inadequate or ruined materials, however. “Timing is very important. You actually have to get in before the material cures, get it all lined up correctly,” says Gibson. “We get that together all at one time and you get a really good finished product.”
2016 GMC Sierra SLT


DecoCrete uses GMC Business Elite to make sure its employees get to and from jobsites safely and on time—before the material cures. “Having a Business Elite representative like Jason is important to my business. When you have a relationship with somebody who knows exactly the vehicle you need, all you have to do is call him up and say, ‘I need a DecoCrete Special.’ He knows exactly what I’m talking about.”
GMC Business Elite provides Gibson and the DecoCrete team with above-and-beyond service, allowing the company’s growth to go unhindered by unexpected downtime. “We have grown with DecoCrete from the beginning. It was being there for every aspect of his business, because he was a start-up,” says Jason Culpepper, GMC Business Elite dealer representative.
“He really made me feel like I was CEO of a major corporation and I was buying the most important vehicle of my life. And, truthfully, I was,” says Gibson.


Culpepper and the GMC Business Elite team don’t cut corners when it comes to customer service and treatment. “When it comes to service, we’re there. We like to have the vehicles ready for our customers, equipped the way that they need them in their jobs,” says Culpepper. This eliminates the extra wait time that goes into aftermarket upfitting.
“Jason can show up on a jobsite and he can deliver a truck, so my guys have no downtime. We built up such a relationship that if I need something done after hours or before hours or anything like that, he just makes it happen for me,” says Gibson. “I don’t even call the service department. I have one person to call. Jason walks me over, introduces me to the best service agent that they have, and says, ‘This is my customer. You need to make sure that his vehicles are taken care of,’” says Gibson.
Culpepper also makes sure that DecoCrete isn’t without a work truck, even during maintenance. “We offer service loaners. We have work-ready vehicles that DecoCrete can take in order for us to service their vehicles properly. Then we arrange to get the vehicles back to the customer,” says Culpepper.
“It’s just the kind of service I get. Maybe he does that for every customer—I kind of hope he does—but it makes me feel special,” says Gibson.


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