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EnerSys Introduces ODYSSEY Connect Battery Monitoring System

EnerSys® launched the ODYSSEY Connect battery monitoring system. The system features technology to actively monitor and track a range of battery health and performance data for optimal operations. The information received through the system is then communicated via Bluetooth to any Apple or Android smart device.

“We strive to provide our customers with solutions that not only simplify operations but also enhance productivity and performance for a lower total cost of ownership,” says Dave McMullen, senior director of global marketing, transportation and specialty at EnerSys. “With the addition of our ODYSSEY Connect battery monitoring system, we are able to help deliver on our promise and give end-users more control over their vehicle power—allowing them the ability to check the health of their battery anywhere, anytime.”

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The ODYSSEY Connect system tracks battery State of Charge (SOC) as well as State of Health (SOH). It accomplishes this by censoring voltage and temperature status through cranking and other events. Further, with the ODYSSEY Connect battery monitoring system, users can view warning and safety notifications directly on their smart device. They can also review battery trends on a 24/7 basis to spot system performance anomalies and address appropriately. Additional tracking benefits include:

  • State of Charge: The ODYSSEY Connect system captures SOC data and highlights it in a graph showing 20% increments over a six-day period.
  • State of Health: The system’s SOH data is viewable by the user to proactively monitor battery health highs, lows, and warnings, which may require corrective actions.
  • Voltage and Temperature: The system highlights the previous six days of battery voltage and temperature data in a combined graph.
  • Battery History: From the first day of battery operation, the ODYSSEY Connect system captures and analyzes battery operating parameter history.

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