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Continental Wireless Cameras Provide Exceptional Vision and Safety for Truck and Off Highway

Continental adds a new line of wireless cameras and monitors to its performance-proven range of cameras systems. Articulated equipment or vehicles where operators do not prefer long cable lengths create an ideal setting for the new cameras.

Available in 12V and 24V configurations, Continental’s new wireless cameras offer a range of applications in small and medium trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, and material handling applications. The line also incorporates a camera designed specifically for forklift applications.


Continental’s new cameras and monitors feature a code-pairing technology that allows for simple installation and setup of the system. The code-pairing also helps to reduce interference. It maintains a stable video connection with a barrier-free transmission distance of up to 130 yards.

Continental built the cameras to handle rugged operation in the harshest conditions. They feature an IP 69K housing design that’s water and dust-proof and resistant to shock up to 100g. Additionally, versatile mounting options allow for easy installation on all types of vehicles and equipment.

Further, Continental offers two 120-degree-wide angle wireless camera options: A single view model with a resolution of 728 X 488 pixels and quad view model delivering 756 X 504 pixels. Operators can use both cameras as stand-alone pieces or in a group of up to four cameras for a complete view around the vehicle or equipment. Both cameras include four LEDs to enable IR night vision. Continental also specially designed a third camera for forklift-applications. It features a 45-degree-wide angle view and three LEDs to enable IR night vision. The company offers two remote-controlled 7-inch monitors to interface with the cameras as required by the customers.


Duvin Nath, Continental automotive aftermarket product manager, announced the new line of camera systems, noting that Continental recognized the need for customizable camera solutions that specialty OEMs and fleets often require.

He says Continental developed this particular line of cameras and monitors to meet those application needs. “It offers a wide range of installation options that can provide operators with an extra level of vision to make their work easier and safer,” Nath says.

Further, Nath adds, “We are particularly excited about our special forklift camera. Forklift operators always have a challenge when they handle the pallets that are out of their eyesight while the forks are raised. Our new cameras are specifically developed to help them increase the awareness of their surroundings.”

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