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Urbanites are familiar with the sound and sight of last-mile delivery vans idling loudly in front of businesses while drivers hustle in and out making deliveries. And, last-mile drivers are accustomed to fueling up on diesel gasoline before—and sometimes during—rounds. Those landscapes are changing, though, with the introduction of the Chanje V8070, an electric panel van, which will be powered entirely by rechargeable electricity, geared to create considerably less noise than many diesel-fueled delivery vehicles, and reduce commercial vehicle emissions.
A California startup named Chanje is scheduled later this year to begin delivering the vans, which offer an unrivaled payload range of 100 miles per charge, cargo capacity of 6,000 lbs, and zero emission. The V8070 is at the cusp of a burgeoning field of electric commercial vehicles, as greater numbers are expected soon to begin joining it in the marketplace. Chanje says it already has volume orders for the V8070.


“The future of transportation is zero-emission, we expect commercial electric vehicles to become the norm soon,” says Chanje CEO Bryan Hansel. “There is a tremendous opportunity for Chanje because no one else in the marketplace can meet a fleet customer’s demand for delivery of large numbers of high quality, commercial electric vehicles.”
The V8070 was developed to meet global quality and durability standards, with up to 70-percent-lower maintenance costs and 70-percent savings in fuel costs versus a diesel equivalent. The V8070 demonstrated greater than 50-MPGe fuel economy in city and highway driving when tested by independent third-parties. MPGe or “miles per gallon equivalent” represents the average miles traveled per unit of energy consumed when compared to one gallon of fuel.


Chanje is banking on an opportunity to dramatically reduce emissions from commercial vehicle traffic in urban centers, as they have the highest concentration of emission-generating internal combustion engines. The average US urban delivery route is 70 miles a day, making last-mile delivery a solid market for an electric mobility toehold.
According to Chanje, switching from a diesel truck to one of its medium-duty zero tailpipe-emission electric trucks will:

  • Improve air quality, as current diesel medium-duty vehicles account for 18 percent of the national transportation sector’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save as much CO2 emissions as 20 acres of US forest absorbs in one year
  • Reduce noise pollution in cities, neighborhoods, and along roadways
  • Increase driver health and safety
  • Allow accrual of battery storage capacity to establish a truly renewable energy supply for commercial transportation


Chanje plans to work with large fleet customers to provide renewable energy and charging capabilities as a turnkey service. The goal is to support organizations as they transition to energy systems that are secure, stable, local, renewable, and efficient. This will be in the form of a microgrid depot solution that is expected to include four components:

  • Renewable energy
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Energy storage
  • Grid services


Based on a single platform and global-vehicle strategy, Chanje—a privately held US corporation co-founded by Hong Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles Limited—plans to introduce a range of electric vehicles, including larger trucks and shuttle buses in a variety of lengths and capacities, all aimed at the urban vehicle segment. In the coming weeks, Chanje will announce a major US service, parts, and distribution partnership that will provide a foothold in the domestic market.
“We have an opportunity to meaningfully overhaul the last-mile industry and completely revolutionize how that facet of transportation impacts the environment,” Hansel says. “Medium-duty electric trucks offer the biggest emissions-saving potential of all vehicles because our products fit best where they are needed the most—in highly populated, dense urban centers where noise and air quality are a major concern.”


Chanje has created intelligent connected vehicles with apps and touch screens aimed at a clean and inviting experience behind the wheel and in the passenger seat.


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