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Christy Webber, owner/CEO, Christy Webber Landscapes, has a vision: “I want to help the industry be smarter, run better, be an industry that is respected. We are a trade, we are real, we do something that is very valuable,” says Webber.
Landscaping is a multi-purpose industry, from increasing community appeal to plowing snow. Landscaping can give way to major economic growth by turning a community into a desirable place to live and a desirable place to visit.


If you’re going to ask a lot from your work truck, then it makes sense to invest in a truck that can handle the workload like a champ—not crack under pressure. So, when Jason Sloat, VP, Assets and Risk, Christy Webber Landscaping, took over the asset management position, he had a goal in mind. “One of my first projects was to consolidate our fleet of vehicles,” Sloat says.
“We use our landscape vehicles hard,” Sloat continues. “Most of them have to tow a trailer every day. In the wintertime, we plow with them. We take care of a lot of city parks in Chicago, all of the major sports stadiums, police stations, fire stations, and public schools. Our fleet has to hold up to a lot of wear and tear and abuse.”
Sloat turned to General Motors (GM) Fleet to offer a little assistance in providing a reliable and cost-effective solution. “We have a combination of Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500s in our fleet. They’re really an all-purpose vehicle for us,” says Sloat. An all-purpose vehicle for a multi-purpose industry only makes sense.
“I employ more than 500 people. I have more than 200 trucks in my fleet. Every truck, every day, is on the road,” says Webber.

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When John Brost, sales representative, GM Fleet, met with Sloat for the first time, he got the lay of the company. “I didn’t know his title. All I knew was he was Jason. That’s how Christy runs her company. Everybody is on first name terms, everybody knows each other,” says Brost.
GM Fleet doesn’t sell vehicles, it sells partnerships—it sells service. Buying a truck is only the beginning of a long-term relationship with a company that proves it’ll stay with you after the purchase to make sure you have what you need, when you need it. The initial transaction, however, might be the most important to start a fleet off right and set a precedence for future trucks. And, Brost cut no corners when sizing up the jobs for which Christy Webber Landscaping needed trucks. “When John came in, he started out by asking me a lot of questions about our business. He asked me a lot of things about what we do, how we use our trucks,” says Sloat.
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT
 Silverado gives Christy Webber Landscapes a competitive advantage.
“That’s what we’re looking for now. Not just a sales guy: A guy that’s going to come in and make sure that we’re getting the right truck for what we need,” adds Webber.
“Eventually we worked into what Jason’s vision was,” says Brost. “His vision was to build this truck that could be a four-season truck. When we make factory orders for trucks, it’s very important that the delivery deadlines that we set be met. With GM Fleet, the deadlines we set have actually always been exceeded.”


GM Fleet helps customers to gain a competitive edge. “GM Fleet gives us a competitive advantage by providing vehicles that have a low cost of ownership and that are incredibly reliable on a day-to-day basis,” says Sloat. With trucks this durable it’s hard not to take the landscaping industry seriously.


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