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The working environment of many jobs requires a certain blend of toughness and dependability. This is especially true when carrying heavy loads in rugged terrains, crowded construction sites, and other challenging landscapes. Volvo brings toughness and dependability, along with driver comfort and safety, to the forefront of its VHD series.
Engineered for a wide range of vocational applications, including construction, oil field, logging, snow plow, or heavy haul, Volvo’s VHD series offers an easily customizable chassis. The VHD series includes the VHD 200 day cab and VHD 430 with a 42-inch flat roof sleeper. Both models are available in axle forward and axle back; axle configurations include 4 x 2, 6 x 4, 8 x 4, and 8 x 6.
With up to five power-take-off options, the Volvo’s VHD series can be tailored to specific needs, such as a roll-off truck, dump truck, concrete mixer, aggregate hauler, and more. Customers can also save time and money with the bodybuilder, a module that simplifies electric and hydraulic connections.


Volvo’s newest innovation came earlier this year with the introduction of a rugged version of the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission for severe-duty applications. The I-Shift SD is designed for on- and off-road applications that require frequent shifting. In 2007, Volvo became the first OEM to bring an integrated automated manual transmission to the North American market. In 2014, 75 percent of Volvo trucks sold were spec’d with an I-Shift transmission.
I-Shift SD comes standard on Volvo’s VHD series. “With this new rugged Volvo I-Shift, we now offer the efficiency and productivity benefits of our automated manual transmission and integrated powertrain to customers operating in tough vocational applications while providing improved uptime and longer component life,” says Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America.
I-Shift SD features gears and other hardware hardened to withstand frequent shifting in a rugged operating environment. In addition to the hardened gears, I-Shift SD features a high range hardened cone, improved split synchronizer components, and main box parts fashioned from reinforced material. I-Shift SD uses higher-viscosity oil that allows for operation at a higher ambient temperature and features a new transmission-mounted transmission cooler. Reduced oil line length and quick disconnect fittings improve serviceability, since there is no need to drain oil in order to service or remove the transmission.
“The heavier loads, uneven terrain, and frequent shifting typical of heavy-duty vocational duty cycles require a more rugged transmission. The reinforced components and improved serviceability of the I-Shift for severe-duty applications translate to lower maintenance costs and more time on the worksite producing revenue,” says Chris Stadler, Volvo Trucks regional haul marketing manager. The transmission also offers customers a broader payload range, which can help enhance the truck’s profitability and versatility.

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The suspension system in Volvo’s VHD series is designed to deliver a superior ride—no matter the terrain. The standard Volvo T-Ride suspension features trunnion-mounted springs and rubber towers, providing added traction and articulation in off-road conditions. With rear axle capacities up to 58,000 lbs, a full 17-inches of articulation in the suspension, low maintenance nylon bushings, and maintenance free sealed V-rods and torque rods, Volvo’s T-Ride suspension delivers non-stop performance in extreme conditions. Volvo also offers factory-installed Hendrickson lift axles.


Cab doors are double sealed with separate inner and outer seals to keep out water, wind, and noise, while the air filtration system is designed to keep the cabin free of dust and pollen. Insulation and soundproofing keeps the cab as quiet as most passenger cars, says Volvo. The large one-piece windshield gives an unobstructed view, allowing easy maneuvering.
The cab provides extra room between seats and ample storage space for tools and personal gear. All seats offer back and lateral support, 7-inch fore-and-aft slide, front cushion adjustment, power air lumbar, rear cushion adjustment, and fore/aft isolation—and those are just the standard seats. In addition, the steering column and wheel telescope 4.5 inches and can be tilted a full 32 degrees—helping the driver find the perfect position for the most comfortable drive.


In the dash, the Driver Information Display gives operators fast access to gauges and key diagnostic information, as well as displays pertinent incoming and outgoing call information with Volvo’s standard Bluetooth package. Controls are within easy reach, with often-used switches located on the steering wheel.


Since 2013, when the company expanded its VHD series offering, Volvo’s remote communication platform has been a standard feature on all models. Remote Diagnostics helps maximize vehicle uptime by providing proactive diagnostic and repair planning assistance with detailed analysis of critical diagnostic trouble codes.
Volvo says Remote Diagnostics has demonstrated a marked improvement in repair accuracy and efficiency, reducing the average diagnostic time at a service location by 71 percent and lowering the average time of repair by 25 percent. In addition to providing proactive diagnostic and repair planning assistance, the service helps improve parts availability, providing technicians at the repairing dealer with easy-to-read repair instructions before the truck arrives for service.StoryStopper-Icon


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