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XL Fleet Electrifying Apex Clean Energy Pickup Fleet

XL Fleet Corp. and Apex Clean Energy announced that XL Fleet will electrify Apex’s vehicle fleet to help reduce emissions. Apex Clean Energy is a company that develops, constructs, and operates utility-scale wind and solar power facilities throughout North America.

Apex’s first investment in vehicle electrification, the order will provide 19 electrified Ford F-series pickup trucks in its service fleet. XL Fleet will deliver 10 plug-in hybrid electric and nine hybrid electric systems in the second quarter of 2021. The mix of hybrid as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles aligns with Apex’s sustainability goals and operational requirements. The mix also allows it to consider expanding its electrification investments as it replaces more vehicles in the future.

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XL Fleet’s electrification systems will enable Apex to equip its teams with cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles. The team will use these vehicles as it installs renewable power generation equipment and facilities throughout North America. Apex plans to deploy the plug-in hybrid vehicles where charging infrastructure will be installed at wind and solar facilities. Additionally, Apex expects its on-site construction team to use the vehicles; the team currently has no regular access to charging infrastructure and will benefit from the system’s regenerative braking.


“XL Fleet and Apex Clean Energy share a common goal of delivering sustainable products and services designed to protect our environment, and we are proud to become Apex’s electrified vehicle partner as they look to take immediate and significant steps toward reducing their carbon footprint,” says Brian Piern, VP of sales and marketing at XL Fleet.

“As a mission-driven company with sustainability at the heart of our work, Apex is driving the transition to a clean energy economy, and XL Fleet is an ideal partner to help us extend this core value to our transportation choices,” says Mark Goodwin, president and CEO of Apex Clean Energy. “XL Fleet gives us the ability to begin working toward our carbon reduction goals immediately by electrifying our vehicle fleet with proven solutions that make strong financial sense.”

Further, this deployment reflects XL Fleet’s lineup of plug-in hybrid and hybrid solutions for some of the industry’s most popular trucks. This also includes the company’s newest plug-in and hybrid offerings for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD models.

Finally, XL Fleet’s Fleet Management Company (FMC) partner Enterprise Fleet Management acquired the Ford F-series pickups undergoing electrification for Apex. Enterprise is a full-service provider of fleet management capabilities, including vehicle acquisition as well as financing, maintenance, and more. Enterprise takes a sustainable approach to its business practices and actively helps fleet customers manage their carbon footprint.

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