Work Truck Week 2023 Recap


What a show!! This year’s Work Truck Week was one of the best shows I’ve been to in my years at Modern WorkTruck Solutions. Electrification wasn’t just dominating the conversation, it was displayed on the show floor. Discussions about realistic expectations concerning charging infrastructure and fleet conversion took place. Upfit companies proved their focus was not only on upfits for internal combustion (ICE) vehicles, but also on electric vehicles. It seemed there were plenty of both EV solutions and ICE vehicle solutions to go around. 

If you were at the show, you saw the innovations first-hand. If you weren’t able to make it this year, read below for highlights from some of the biggest and most innovative exhibitors.

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Mack Trucks wouldn’t be left in the current—the electric current, that is. The manufacturer pulled the curtain on its Mack MD Electric at this year’s show. This medium-duty EV’s motor boasts continuous power of 185 hp equivalent and peak power of 260 hp equivalent. It offers 1,850 lb-ft of torque and a range of 230 miles. It’s made with a galvanized steel cab, features a steel front bumper, and 120k PSI steel frame rails. The Class 6 EV features a GVWR of 26,000 lbs, and the Class 7 features a GVWR of 33,000 lbs. An e-PTO (electric power take-off) is also available with the MD Electric. Mack anticipates pilot MD Electric trucks will be available by the end of this year.


New from Isuzu is its all-new electric low-cab forward N-Series EV. The Class 5 features a 19,500-lb GVWR, four battery pack choices, and compatibility with both AC and DC fast charging. Owners can enjoy a range of up to 235 miles with a 180kW battery pack. The brand targets availability for early next year. The look of the EV will also spread throughout the Isuzu lineup, with fresh features that include LED lighting, an upgraded interior, and more.


Ram showcased its electric pickup concept, the Ram Revolution, and it’s loaded with innovation. The Rambox cargo system that rests inside the side of the bed above the back wheels on the Ram 1500 has been amplified on the Ram Revolution. On this concept, the whole side panel raises up to reveal even more cargo space. It also features a midgate pass-through that allows operators to carry objects as long as 18 ft! Its infotainment display is available in up to 28 inches, and half of that display can be removed from the dash and used remotely. I can’t wait to see the production model of the Ram Revolution.


New for this year is upgraded safety equipment for FCCC’s gasoline trucks. The safety system features 360-degree camera views (that automatically engage at 10 mph), overhead detection with alerts, collision mitigation, electronic stability control, a speed limiter, and lane departure warnings—all displayed on the vehicle’s OptiView information cluster. The OptiView was designed to simplify information for the driver without causing a distraction. New for the MT50e is AC charging capabilities and a new 208-inch wheelbase. FCCC offers its E-Consulting Team at your service for


Maxxima is all about making operations safer for operators and technicians, and the company showcased its Undercarriage/Scene light, designed to help operators ensure their footing when working around, walking in, and walking out of their vehicle. Check it out on the cover of this issue. The company is also excited about its new all-in-one lighting solution, delivering stop, turn, tail, backup, and warning lights in one single unit. This unit makes an upfitter’s job easier and decreases the maintenance and cost behind the purchase of a different light for each function. 


Lightning eMotors developed yet another chassis integration with General Motors, further paving the way for the company to be certified by General Motors as an eSVM. Being an eSVM means GM certifies Lightning to replace the existing powertrains on the brand’s vehicles with an electrified powertrain. This show featured Lightning eMotors’ ZEV4, a Class 4 GM 4500. The brand also showcased a mobile battery charger that can be a temporary or permanent solution for charging


The Shyft Group showcased its Class 5 Blue Arc electric vehicle. The truck features a range of 200 miles and a crew cab design with a high roof that allows crew members to sit, stand, and walk through the cab. The chassis design allows for a variety of bodies and applications. The vehicle has


The Propane and Education Research Council showcased its new solution to the charging infrastructure problem: a portable, dual-purpose standalone fueling system. This system uses propane, solar, and wind power to generate enough energy for a “microgrid,” allowing electric vehicle fleets to recharge their vehicles with a DC level 3 fast charger—grid free! That’s one way to diversify energy sources.


Bringing automotive features into the work truck world is a theme for many, and it’s the same for WEATHER GUARD. With PowerSync, the brand developed remote opening for, wait for it, toolboxes! No more will operators and technicians have to fumble through their keys to find the one that fits. Along with remote opening, WEATHER GUARD incorporated one key technology into these toolboxes. Eventually, PowerSync will be used in all things WEATHER GUARD Truck.


Did you know idling a truck for one hour is the equivalent of 33 miles of wear and tear? With that statistic, it’s time fleets get their idling under control. This is possible through idle-mitigation solutions like ZeroRPM. This all-American company (designed and manufactured in our home state of Alabama, to be exact) develops batteries that act as the ICE vehicle’s alternator to power the cab’s HVAC system. Once the battery drains, the engine will automatically turn on. The lithium-iron phosphate battery can be charged via plug-in, but it also charges when the vehicle engine is running.


Work Truck Week 2023 is officially in the books! What did you see at the show that is a must-have in your fleet? What did you see that inspired you? Let us know by emailing me, Jade, at or reaching out to our social channels. See you at next year’s show!


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