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The Western Star XD OFFROAD



Western Star builds each of its trucks one at a time for customers who appreciate custom, quality vehicles. The same holds true of Western Star’s new XD OFFROAD product line. According to the company, “For fifty years, we’ve been tackling the most extreme jobs out there. From our start in logging to building custom solutions for the heaviest, most demanding hauls, making tough, dependable products is in our genes. As is our uncompromising dedication to quality and to our customers.”
The new XD OFFROAD product lineup is designed to meet the growing demand for a more efficient and cost effective off-road product. Western Star’s XD OFFROAD line offers a full range of capacities. The XD OFFROAD products compete with today’s articulated and ridged frame construction and mining units in the market. The XD-40 and XD-25 models provide a new way of moving materials for less investment.
Using all the experience Western Star has gained over 50 years of hard work, these new units are quiet, durable, and reliable pieces of equipment that can stand the test of time with less investment and lower operating costs. “There is a real need out there for equipment that is designed to haul materials quickly and efficiently without all the extra options. Using an articulated haul truck in a stock pile operation is like using a ¾-ton 4×4 pickup in your taxi fleet—it will go anywhere, but it just does not make you money in the long run.”


XD OFFROAD models are designed with perfectly matched components that are carefully selected to work with each other over the life of the product. “Matching stronger components with weaker components tends to cause stress in the system and leads to early failures and increased down time. We have worked very hard on the XD models to ensure that all the components are matched to work in harmony with the rest of the unit.” Keeping the packages consistent also allows Western Star to keep parts on the shelf, reducing down time when parts are needed.

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Each XD model can be ordered as a 6×4 or a 6×6 configuration depending on the terrain and ground conditions you are working in. All configurations are done at the factory and undergo rigorous testing and validation. “Improving uptime is the key focus with each of the model offerings, these units do not earn a living sitting in the shop.”
Built for long years of service with easy and cost effective retrofit, the XD OFFROAD products last far longer than conventional off-road equipment. “Keeping today’s articulated units in your fleet too long can eat your profits up just by keeping them running. The XD designs are simple and cheap to retrofit and we have some units out there still producing with more than 60,000 hours on them. That’s an unheard of number for today’s conventional equipment.” High pressure tires and direct connect drive line components also reduce fuel usage and increase operational life with less complexity and parasitic losses.


The XD OFFROAD family also works very closely with the builders to ensure each body design takes full advantage of the chassis capabilities. Customers want a complete unit and rely on all parties working in unison to develop a good product. The XD OFFROAD group works very hard to develop and test new configurations to work the bugs out before going to market. The new MBT-40 transformer is a great example of this investment and collaboration. “To develop this amazing product, we worked with multiple body builders simultaneously to develop a product that can change bodies with one operator in as little as eight minutes with no tools to speak of. I can assure you that you do not come up with a simple, easy to use solution like this without a lot of investment and experimentation. The final product is a testament to many different talented people coming together for a common goal.”


XD OFFROAD makes it a priority to have unmatched parts availability. “Because many of the parts on XD models are common with our trucks, your dealer carries a wide selection of parts and has access to an even greater variety through our expanding network of parts distribution centers,”
Western Star’s new XD OFFROAD line can help make your operation far more profitable by reducing purchase costs and decreasing your ton per mile expenses. Longer operation lifecycles reduce the product turnover you see today, as well.


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