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The Western Star 4800 is Serious, Personal, and Just What You Need


western star 4800

The Western Star 4800 can be customized to fit any application in any industry.

company born from the extreme, demanding logging industry has learned a few lessons, tips, and tricks along its 50-year journey. Western Star knows the value of a durable, dependable truck, and prides itself in building each truck one at a time. Western Star grants even the smallest of details the attention you want for your future truck.


At the heart of the Western Star 4800 is a heat-treated 120,000 psi steel frame, aligned for improved wheel alignment and extended tire life. Shotpeened frame rails improve strength, longevity, and durability.

The cab is made of galvannealed steel with a multi-stage e-coat process for maximum strength, safety, and corrosion resistance. The cab is also made larger for improved driver/passenger comfort. In addition to space, Western Star added quiet, strong, and simple to repair to its cab characteristics.

The truck runs on a Detroit DD13 12.8-L engine with a torque range of 1,250 to 1,850 lb-ft and 350 to 505 in hp range. The 4800 uses Eaton Fuller 10-, 13-, 15-, and 18-speed transmissions, an Eaton Fuller UltraShift PLUS, or Allison Automatic 3000, 4000, 4500, or 4700 transmission. You decide the GVWR based on the axle you choose.


When it comes to personalization and details, Western Star knows a thing or two. The 4800 has a list of standard options, yet Western Star isn’t too busy or too scared to give your future truck everything you need in a workhorse.

Start with your configuration. Which suits your needs: a set forward axle or a set back axle? The 4800SB is offered in all-wheel drive. For your cab, do you prefer standard galvannealed steel with a roped-in windshield, or would you prefer a Severe Duty galvannealed steel with a roped-in or a bonded windshield? What kind of hood do you prefer: fiberglass traditional non-sloping or Supervisibility fiberglass? Choose between Detroit or Meritor axles in the front, and choose between Detroit, Meritor, or Sisu axles in the rear.

What fits your needs? A single-channel frame at 2.5MM RBM? What about a double-channel frame at 3.2MM RBM or a triple-channel frame at 5.6MM RBM? With a Western Star, it’s all about you and your needs.


The engineers at Western Star understand that you spend a lot of your day in your truck. That’s why they created the interior to be pleasurable, not punishing. The updated interior has plenty of storage, comfortable seats, and increased quiet.

With suspended clutch and brake pedals, there’s no worry of items getting stuck underneath (ya know like that empty water bottle that’s rolled around your cab for months). Western Star’s Marine grade switches provide protection from electrical shorts caused by water and salt and are easy to use with or without gloves. The Automatic Temperature Control maintains climate settings, and electronic device prep provides secure mounting and easy access to power connections for aftermarket instruments.

Another important aspect of cab comfort is space. The Western Star 4800 cab offers more than six-and-one-half-ft of width at the shoulders, providing plenty of room between the seats for body builder controls, even with two-passenger seating. The door panels also help with space by offering storage, and they provide strong handholds to help entry and exit.


Western Star owners aren’t left to fend for themselves the moment they’re given the keys to their new truck. Western Star has a big network of dealerships ready to aid you in any situation at any time and at any place, with more than 350 dealers, many open 24/7.

The brand also has a goal to provide unmatched parts availability. Dealers have access to a variety of parts through Western Star’s expanding network of parts distribution centers (with a 98% fill rate) in addition to the selection of parts they already carry. Your Western Star engines can also be serviced at more than 800 Detroit Diesel service centers in North America, adding another blanket of protection over your truck.

Western Star builds each truck to suit your every need. With more than 3,600 options, your truck can become exactly what you need and look exactly how you want. The trucks are easy to service, upfit, and are built with a knowledge of more than 50 years in one of the toughest industries. These trucks are real trailblazers, and when you’re the proud owner of one, you’ll be a trailblazer, too.


Western Star has been a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks since 1967. Find out more, visit


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