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Webasto’s SmarTemp 3.0 and SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth Controllers Take Simplicity and User Experience to the Next Level


Webasto North America announced the introduction of its new SmarTemp 3.0 and SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth controllers. The devices provide ease of use and control of Webasto fuel-operated air heaters and fuel-operated coolant heaters from one unit. Webasto will display the SmarTemp 3.0, part number 5013873A, and SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth, part number 5013874A, to the industry for the first time in the Webasto booth, #11228, at the Mid-America Trucking Show, from March 24-26, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Introduced in 2013, the easy-to-use, all-in-one management system became popular among fleets because of its intelligence, simplicity, and ergonomic design. Like their predecessor, the SmarTemp 3.0 and SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth Controls allow users to dial in their desired temperature; the device does the rest. Standard comfort adjustments are as easy as turning the dial right for higher temperatures and left for lower temperatures. Once set, bunk temperature is precisely maintained, allowing drivers to focus on getting the rest and relaxation needed between shifts.

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“With the introduction of the SmarTemp 3.0 and SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth controls, Webasto is excited to bring new features to this well-respected product line, allowing users to easily adjust and enjoy the experience of an engine-off heating and coolant preheating system—all while reducing idle time,” says Don Kanneth, director of Aftermarket Sales for Customized Solutions, Webasto North America. “Anyone who has experienced the SmarTemp 2.0 is going to love the enhanced functionality of the SmarTemp 3.0 and the powerful, convenient app-based features and connectivity of the SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth.”


The SmarTemp 3.0 is the logical next step in the product’s evolution; Webasto designed it to work exclusively with Webasto air and coolant heaters. Fully programmable within a seven-day period, the SmarTemp 3.0 makes air and coolant system run times easily adjustable. The unit’s easy-to-read backlit LCD screen brightens while in use, automatically dimming itself a few moments after interaction.

Users can toggle between menu options with just the push of a button. Once in the chosen menu, use the dial to scroll up or down to the desired listing. Main menu preferences allow quick selection of air or coolant heating. A ventilation mode is available in air heating mode. Integrated panels glow red in heating mode, blue in ventilation mode, and blink to indicate diagnostic alerts and fault codes.

The SmarTemp 3.0 supports English, French, and Spanish, as well as Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scales. Main menu options allow users to select and customize timed run times, low voltage disconnect thresholds, password protection, and includes automated preventive maintenance reminders to start the heaters every 30 days. If the unit ever loses power, it keeps previous program settings, but now also retains date and time settings. This eliminates the time-consuming task of reentering data.

“For all that the advanced SmarTemp 3.0 has to offer, the SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth takes air and coolant temperature control to a whole new level,” Kanneth says.


The SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth offers all the features and functionality of the SmarTemp 3.0, but when paired with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device running the Webasto app, it puts significant power in the hands of fleet managers, owner-operators, and users of all kinds. Now, fleets will not only see the big picture surrounding their Webasto fuel-operated heaters, but they will also control it.

Fleet managers can define system settings and preferences as well as control individual heater functions when in range. They can also universally “mob” program an entire fleet’s heater settings and everything in between via the Webasto app. Managers can program and control their whole fleet through one phone and grant permissions to others on their service team. This allows them to help manage multiple vehicle profiles in multiple cities, states, and geographic regions.

A parking brake input feature disables air and coolant heating functions when a vehicle’s parking brake is released. The feature allows the heaters to perform their intended duties while a vehicle is idle, but prevents unnecessary fuel use while it and its operator are on duty.

Enriched diagnostic capabilities built into the Webasto app enable users to actually access information that resides in the electronic control units in Webasto heating devices and communicates directly with the device.

Users can design and print customized diagnostic reports for use in a variety of measurements and purposes, including warranty service.

Troubleshooting capabilities built into the app take users to, where they can access installer/user manuals, FAQs, and other technical support assets. When necessary, the site can even locate and direct drivers to the closest Webasto dealer or authorized service center.


For those who already have SmarTemp 2.0 devices in the field, updating their systems to the SmarTemp 3.0 is easy. The purchase of an optional wiring harness will give them full functionality right out of the box.

“Anyone familiar with the SmarTemp 2.0 is going to love the rich new functionality and ease of use of the new SmarTemp 3.0,” Kanneth says. “And the new SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth gives everyone the ease and convenience of managing their system on a mobile device.”

SmarTemp 3.0 and SmarTemp 3.0 Bluetooth kits are available for Air Top 2000 STC, Air Top Evo 40, Air Top Evo 55, Thermo Top Evo, Thermo Pro 50, Tandem 717, and Thermo Pro 90.

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