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User-focused Heavy-duty Equipment Hauling Solution, Felling’s Low Pro Limited Tags

Felling’s Low Po Limited models, FT-50-3 LP Limited and FT-45-2 LP Limited

Felling Trailers, Inc. adds the Low Pro Limited to its deck-over tag model line.

“Our engineers improved on our already award-winning design to create a heavy-duty, extremely user-focused construction tag trailer while incorporating all of the standard features an operator wants and needs,” says Felling’s sales manager, Nathan Uphus.

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The Low Pro Limited series currently consists of two models: the FT-45-2 LP Limited, a tandem axle 22.5 ton, and the FT-50-3 LP Limited, a triple axle 25 ton. The available deck lengths for the tandem axle are 20 ft, 22 ft, and 24 ft. The available deck lengths for the triple axle are 24 ft and 26 ft.


The Low Pro Limited (LPL) series is constructed with an 8-inch channel side rail, flange in, with 4-inch Jr. I-beam crossmembers pierced through the heavy-duty, engineered, and fabricated 16-inch mainframe with 1-3/8-inch apitong decking. Apitong decking is an extremely durable wood, making it ideal for construction equipment applications. The LPL’s are standard with a 6-ft long double incline beavertail providing 12-degree and 6-degree load angles, respectively. The double incline feature eliminates the sharp break-over point, which helps substantially for loading and unloading tracked equipment safely. Additionally, the 6-ft double incline beavertail is constructed with 5-inch x 3-inch self-cleaning angles are standard, with apitong inlay offered as a no-cost option. Like the beavertail, the ramps, 6-ft x 20-inches wide, are available with 5-inch x 3-inch self-cleaning angle construction or apitong inlay as a no-cost option.

The hitch area of the LPL’s delivers an increased level of usability to operators. The standard 6-ft long hitch includes an oversized toolbox with a few key features: heavy-duty 10-gauge cover with a front lip to help keep moisture out, locking t-handle latch, mechanical cover prop as well as a flat bar inside the storage area to hook chains and binders. Keeping operator safety in mind when accessing the deck at the hitch area, the LPLs feature a large, heavy-duty, slip-resistant step. Further, adjustable mounting height brackets for the standard 140K twin 2-seed landing gear have been incorporated into the Limited’s hitch design. As a result, the landing gear can be flush with the headboard if necessary.


  • 16-inch Fabricated Main Frame Beams
  •  4-inch high tensile Jr I-beams spaced 12 inches on center
  • Standard 1 3/8-inch thick apitong decking
  • Standard 1-inch Straight D-Rings—14 on Tandem, 16 on triple Axle
  • Heavy-duty, slip-resistant steps with integrated mid-turn LED lights
  • 235/75R17.5 tires and Heavy Duty 3 Leaf spring suspension
  • 6-ft Double Incline Beavertail—Self Cleaning or Wood Inlaid
  • 6-ft x 20-inch Spring Assist Ramps—Self Cleaning or Wood Inlaid
  • Optional 38-inch wide x 7-ft long Air Powered Ramps (Self Cleaning or Wood Inlaid)

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