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Transfer Flow has manufactured aftermarket and OEM fuel tank systems at its Chico, California, manufacturing facility since the spring of 1983. Since then, the company has added 70,000 sq ft to its total facility space in California and will expand its reach to Tennessee with the opening of a 35,000-sq-ft distribution warehouse this spring.

Transfer Flow’s aftermarket fuel tanks are for every need, including in-bed auxiliary tanks, DOT-legal refueling tanks, and high-capacity replacement tanks. In addition, Transfer Flow supplies retrofit filler neck kits to work truck body manufacturers. 

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Transfer Flow’s in-bed auxiliary fuel tank systems fit full-size diesel trucks and are available in 40, 50, 75, and 100-gallons. The fuel tanks are manufactured from 14-gauge high-yield US aluminized steel and are baffled for extra strength and reduced fuel slosh.

If you need extra fuel capacity plus storage space, Transfer Flow offers auxiliary fuel tank and toolbox combos as well. Its 40-gallon fuel tank and toolbox combo sits nearly flush with most pickup truck bed rails and won’t interfere with most standard fifth-wheel hitches. The versatile 70-gallon model sits on the bed rails and adjusts to the depth of the pickup bed.

Transfer Flow’s auxiliary fuel tank systems are computer-controlled by a TRAX 4™ operating system. Based on the capacity of the pickup’s main fuel tank and the Transfer Flow auxiliary tank, the TRAX 4™ system will transfer fuel at pre-determined levels while the vehicle is in operation. Monitor your pickup’s fuel capacity on your mobile device with the Transfer Flow TRAX 4™ app.


Transfer Flow offers a line of refueling tank systems. Refueling tank systems come in 40, 50, 82, 100, and 109-gallons. The brand also manufactures a 50/50 split refueling tank to hold 50 gallons of two different fuel types in one in-bed unit. They’re DOT-legal to carry and dispense gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol, and kerosene and are manufactured from 12-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance. Each tank has a 12-volt GPI® fuel pump, 12-ft hose with nozzle, fuel cap, wiring harness with cab-mounted power switch, and mounting hardware.

Transfer Flow also offers refueling tanks for diesel applications only. These tanks are available in 50 and 80 gallons and come with mounting hardware. Diesel toolbox combination systems are available in 40 and 70-gallons.


Transfer Flow’s high-capacity replacement fuel tank systems eliminate fuel stops by increasing a truck’s driving range. The larger fuel tanks are made from 12-gauge US aluminized steel and fit in the same space as the smaller stock fuel tank. Each tank has straps, mounting hardware, and internal baffles to reduce fuel sloshing.

In addition to replacement fuel tanks for diesel vehicles, Transfer Flow has a larger replacement fuel tank system for the Ford F-150 gasoline pickup and Ford F-250/F-350 gasoline Super Duties. Both fuel tanks have been granted Executive Orders from the California Air Resources Board.


Transfer Flow offers various OEM-quality retrofit filler neck kits for Ford, Ram, and General Motors pickups and chassis. Whether your application is a pickup box delete, a pickup converted to a utility body, or a cab chassis work truck, you’re covered. All filler neck kits are engineered and designed for specific vehicles to ensure a perfect fit.

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