Top 10 Reasons to Buy Utility Decks


Highway Products recently introduced the UTILITY DECK, the Work Truck industry’s first load-bearing bed cover with Utility Boxes and a Utility Gate. Finally, there is a real solution for fleets large and small that drives rapid transformation of a pickup truck into a work truck.  

Here are the top 10 reasons to consider a Utility Deck for your fleet:

1. Turn any truck into a work truck.

Utility Decks can be installed on any full-size pickup, even F150s. No more waiting on special orders for cab and chassis. Put your pickup truck into service right away.

2. Most secure storage.

Over 2.5 times as much secure storage in a Utility Deck when compared to a long bed, single rear wheel service body! 

3. 2-hour no-drill installation.

Four turn buckles quickly secure the Utility Deck to the tie downs in your pickup truck bed with no drilling required. 

4. Save money.

Why throw away your tools when you can repurpose them? A Utility Deck can be transferred to your next truck without even removing the contents. Plus, the resale value of a pickup truck with the bed is much higher compared to remarketing rusty service bodies.

5. Keep your added bed features.

There are no truck modifications necessary when installing a Utility Deck. Reverse cameras, sensors, and even BLIS systems can be retained. You don’t even need to reroute fuel lines or change wire harnesses.

6. Reduce the GVWR of your fleet.

Use lighter-duty trucks while maximizing storage. That translates directly to lower truck costs and less time wasted at weigh stations.

7. Customize for your storage needs.

Highway Products specializes in customizing work trucks. Work with Highway Products’ team of engineers to add overhead storage, change the Utility Box dimensions, enclose the Utility Deck, or just about anything else you can imagine.

8. PE Stamp of Certification.

The Utility Deck has been certified with a 2,000-lb weight rating and meets front crash test criteria consistent with what Ford puts their vehicles through. Bottom line, you don’t have to worry about the Utility Deck on the bed of a pickup truck. It’s certified.

9. Made in America.

Based in southern Oregon, Highway Products is one of the largest employers of skilled tradesmen in the region.

10. Lifetime Warranty.

That’s right, Highway Products has offered a lifetime warranty on its products since 1980—and proving it ever since.

Utility Decks are available for your immediate needs through all truck accessories stores and upfitters across the country. Meyer Distributing will start holding inventory in March for rapid delivery to your dealer of choice. Call your local dealer or Highway Products to get your fleet dialed in.

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