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The Mack Granite


Built for the vocational segment, the Mack Granite can be used as a dump truck, concrete pump, concrete mixer, and more. This Class 8 has the power, comfort, and safety features necessary for drivers putting in long days behind the wheel traveling from jobsite to jobsite. 


The Mack Granite is available with two engines: the MP7 and MP8. The MP7 is an 11-L engine that pumps out 325 to 405 hp and 1,200 to 1,560 lb-ft of torque. The 13-L MP8 provides 415 to 505 hp with 1,460 to 1,860 lb-ft of torque.

Pair either engine with an Eaton Fuller manual transmission, Mack mDrive HD, or Allison RDS Series transmission. Those driving Mack Granite equipped with an mDrive HD transmission will experience more flexible gearing in low-speed applications. They’ll also experience more stability with heavy loads. The mDrive HD features reinforced synchronizers, multiple PTO locations, hardened gears, high-viscosity oil, and is 237-lbs lighter than competitor transmissions. The mDrive HD also features two additional low gear ratios for tough vocational jobs; and it has multi-speed reverse gears for more stability, flexibility, and maneuverability.

Speaking of maneuverability, the mDrive HD transmission allows drivers to raise engine torque and RPM prior to engaging drive to ensure the truck can get out of muddy situations. Another feature of the mDrive HD worth mentioning is the Grade Grabber. This feature ensures the truck never rolls backward when stopped on a hill because the Grade Grabber holds the truck for up to three seconds after the driver releases the brake pedal.


A tough, work-ready truck doesn’t only include a capable powertrain. The Granite’s brawn extends to its build and framework. The Granite is built on a Cornerstone Chassis, a versatile frame system that provides durability, reliability, and performance. The Granite is available with two different front axle configurations (set-forward and set-back), depending on the job and bridge laws where the job is located. Additionally, an optional D-shaped fuel tank is available if the installed body requires extra room on the frame. Speaking of body installation, the Granite’s body-ready electrical system simplifies installation. Finally, the cab is built from galvanized steel to increase driver safety. 


With a shortage of commercial drivers, it’s essential for fleet owners to ensure their drivers are comfortable and safe in the cabs of their trucks. In a Mack Granite, drivers will experience both. The Granite features a spacious cab with air suspension seats. Controls are placed on the steering wheel and the instrument panel to give drivers easy access while operating the truck. And when it comes to vocational work, drivers can easily access and identify auxiliary controls via laser etching on switches and LED interior lighting.

A 5-inch full-color digital display in the cluster gives drivers navigation information, truck monitoring information, and a Pre-Trip Assistant to keep drivers informed of their route and truck. Further, a 7-inch infotainment screen houses the radio, Apple CarPlay, an optional backup camera, and more—which can be controlled with buttons on the steering wheel.

But we can’t talk about driver comfort without mentioning Mack’s Command Steer. The Command Steer system monitors the road 2,000 times per second and helps drivers maintain stability in high winds and rough terrain. This system can actually reduce driver effort by up to 85%. Talk about driver comfort.

Additionally, in the Granite drivers will experience details similar to their personal vehicle, with automotive features such as a non-slip electronics tray with charging, oversized cup holders, and storage for devices, keys, and more. But all of that is just on the comfort side…


Driver and motorist safety should be a top priority in your fleet. Mack offers the next generation of Bendix Wingman Fusion on its Granite models. Bendix Wingman Fusion is a driver assistance technology that uses radar, cameras, and brake system data to help ensure a driver’s safety by detecting and avoiding safety risks.

The system includes automatic emergency braking (AEB) upgrades such as following distance alerts that notify drivers of a decreasing following distance before automatically applying brakes; increased AEB speed reduction; and multi-lane AEB that will apply the brakes if the system detects a slowed or stopped vehicle in the next lane. The system also includes a lane departure warning and alert prioritization that arranges multiple alerts in order of importance so that drivers view the most crucial alerts first.


If the job requires a Class 8, essential safety and comfort features for driver retention, a truck that can maneuver around city blocks and the tough terrain of remote sites, consider the Mack Granite, a vocational machine.


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