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The Hino 338


Hino 338

The ruggedly dependable Hino 338 is well equipped for use in a variety of industries including utilities, waste/recycling, construction, beverage delivery, petroleum/gas delivery, and more. Its standard equipment alone sets the benchmark for work trucks, and is evidence of its quality, durability, and anticipated premium resale value. “With a worldwide reputation for reliability, durability, and outstanding fuel efficiency, you can count on Hino Trucks to provide you with low-cost-per-mile operations,” according to Hino.


Hino’s turbocharged, intercooled diesel JO8E 6-cylinder engine provides 260 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque, and combines high-pressure common rail fuel injection with variable geometry turbocharger design, and cooled ERG with selective catalytic reduction for emission control. Together, these features allow for optimization of air/fuel mixture and fuel-efficient compliance with 2010 EPA regulations.
“VNT turbochargers optimize airflow by changing the turbocharger’s output based on control input from the engine’s electronic control unit,” according to Hino. “This feature allows engine designers to more accurately control cylinder pressure and air/fuel ratio. Better control means a more complete burn, resulting in better fuel efficiency and full EPA compliance.”

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Hino outfitted the 338 with proven US-made driveline components on a standard 34-inch frame. Team the engine with the first-class selection of industry-proven drivetrain components, mount those to a solid frame, and the result is performance you can rely on. Start with an Allison transmission—standard on all conventional Hino trucks—and its automatic 6-speed shifter that provides for faster seamless acceleration and higher average road speed. That translates to quicker route times throughout the day, greater productivity, and increased profits.
The 338’s front and rear axles are made by Meritor, which is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of commercial truck axles. Dana Spicer Driveshafts help power the 338’s dependability, and have been enhanced to offer greater torque, durability, and savings, with 70-percent more power density than its nearest competitor, and a 40-percent increase in bearing life.


Take a seat inside and it won’t take long to recognize the wide visibility, plush comfort, and low noise levels this spacious cab affords. “All-in-all, it’s a great place for a driver to spend the day,” according to Hino. “With Toyota-inspired interior design, our cabs offer a complete package of the most necessary features and then keep it simple and serviceable. Your drivers, technicians, and accountants will love it.” The interior comes standard with air conditioning, a tilt and telescoping steering column, cruise control, and a CD.
Since safety is an important aspect of the job, regardless of application, Hino placed the driving position high for a widened perspective of the road while also maintaining a good perspective of the corners of the hood. The cab is constructed of fully galvanized steel with extra rigidity for comfort and noise reduction, and the driver’s seat coupled with the standard two-person passenger seat provides plenty of room for crew comfort.


Every Hino truck is equipped with, and supported by, the Hino Insight platform, providing instant access to business intelligence and Remote Diagnostics with Case Management. So, you can increase profitability, and fleet and driver efficiency, while reducing downtime and operating costs.
INSIGHT Telematics: This feature provides alerts, mapping, reporting and tools to maximize fleet utilization. It includes 52 customizable alerts for issues related to temperatures, speed, idle time, and fuel reporting.
INSIGHT Remote Diagnostics: This feature will alert you and Hino in the event of a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), and assign it a severity level, so that you know what steps to take to avoid a catastrophic failure.
INSIGHT Case Management: This feature streamlines the service and repair process, and reduces downtime. Hino’s Call Center coordinates the repair at the closest dealer, providing necessary information to the dealer before your vehicle arrives, and updating you throughout the repair process.
Add it all together, and you’ve a rugged truck that’s built to last and has you covered, while providing a safe, comfortable ride.


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