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Stem Announces Joint Solar, Storage, and EV Charging Offering with InCharge Energy


Stem, a leader in AI-driven clean energy solutions, announced its partnership with InCharge Energy, a fleet electrification services leader. The partnership will equip businesses with a complete EV fleet infrastructure solution to maximize their charging assets. The offering combines Athena®, Stem’s clean energy management platform, with InCharge Energy’s “In-Control” software platform. The combination will give fleet owners the tools to manage EV charger loads with clean energy using solar and storage, optimize utility bills, build out EV charging in areas of the grid that are constrained, and monitor progress toward environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

With a focus on charging depots and fast-charging hubs, the offering will help businesses navigate EV market nuances. It will also help fleets take advantage of energy storage’s ability to integrate EVs and distributed energy assets. From design and procurement to installation and management, the companies expect the offering to help EV assets achieve operational excellence.


The partnership between Stem and InCharge will enable the development of a powerful software suite for commercial charging projects. Stem designed its Athena specifically to manage significant energy demands like those of heavy-duty EV fleets. It accomplishes this by charging the battery with excess solar and discharging it to EV infrastructure when PV isn’t available. When integrated with InCharge Energy’s In-Control charging management platform, Athena’s AI-powered analytics offers key value drivers including:

  • Interoperable clean energy systems designed to ensure that fleets charge from renewable resources, on time, every time
  • Protection from outages and resilient operations with ESS backup power solutions
  • Accurate project economic forecasts further enhanced by participating in demand response and incentive programs
  • Reduced and optimized utility bills through demand charge management, energy arbitrage, as well as management of other utility peak charges
  • Maximized performance through charging load visibility, 24/7 monitoring, warranty management, incentive and grid services program enrollment, and automatic ESS dispatch
  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) enablement and increased customer value from supporting the grid in times of need
  • ESG goal achievement through GHG energy tagging as well as easier integration of new renewable resources


“Stem is excited to partner with InCharge Energy to bring the power of our best-in-class solar, storage, and EV charging solutions to fleet owners and operators looking to create additional project value,” says Alan Russo, Stem chief revenue officer. “Our energy and EV charging solutions work seamlessly together, putting value streams like charging fleets during grid outages and charging-from-solar within immediate reach. Plus, with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, our energy experts can help businesses take advantage of the 30-plus% tax credits for stand-alone energy storage and significant additional incentives for commercial EV deployment to lower EV project costs making this an unprecedented time to deploy systems as part of short and long-term EV strategies.”

“As a leading developer of commercial EV charging systems, InCharge Energy has the expertise to simplify every aspect of EV infrastructure design and development to accelerate the adoption of electric fleets,” says Stephen Kelley, InCharge Energy chief commercial officer. “Our solutions, combined with Stem’s leading storage and solar solutions and services, mean that our customers will have the peace of mind knowing their EV assets are reliable, scalable, and will continue to drive value.”

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