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Snow, Ice, Sand and Mud: Kinedyne Enhanced Grip Link Tire Chains Help Trucks Go Farther


In recent years, many commercial truck tires have evolved to include a broader surface face and extra-deep treads. Kinedyne redesigned Grip Link tire chains to include additional links on the side chains as well as more cross chains. The result is maximum traction when driving in slippery conditions.

The upgraded highway Grip Link Tire Chains will provide excellent traction on roads and highways covered in ice and snow. The 7-mm and 8-mm off-road Grip Link tire chains are ideal over uneven, bumpy terrain, and through difficult environments. This includes environments such as forest floors, and the scree, sand, and mud of a construction site, quarry, or mine.

“Some tire chains in the industry will barely fit the new wider tires,” says Robert Spooner, director of sales—Canada, Kinedyne. “Our new Grip Link highway and off-road chains ensure that there are no fitment issues and improves safety when traveling in winter weather.”


Grip Link highway tire chains come in 7-mm steel wire V-bar and square link designs. They are available for tire sizes of 11 x 22.5 and 11 x 24.5 in both singles and dual-triples styles. The 11 x 22.5 singles come with 14 cross chains per set, while the dual-triple version come with 28. The 11 x 24 x 5 singles come with 15 cross chains with the dual-triple version coming with 30. Kinedyne equips all Grip Link highway tire chains with four outside cams. This provides even tension and an additional 1.3 inches each of tightening tension.

The V-shaped bars on the V-bar tire chains act as miniature icepicks that pierce the ice. This causes the tire to propel forward even over a slippery surface. Kinedyne engineered the corners of the square-shape links on the square link chains to dig into the ice and snow. The design also allows the tire to cover more surface area, thus helping maintain a better grip on the highway.

Kinedyne designed its off-road Grip Link stud tire chains to dig into the ground, creating a solid anchor that pushes the tire forward even over uneven terrain and through difficult driving environments. These chains come in 7-mm and 8-mm versions to give users more flexibility and two lightweight choices.

The 7-mm versions come in several sizes: 11 x 22.5 and 11 x 24.5 singles or dual-triple styles. The single sizes include 15 cross links with four tensioning cams on the outside. There are 30 cross links on a dual-triple, with four tensioning cams on the inside and four on the outside. Multiple cams provide even tensioning, ensuring a secure and tight fit.

In the 8-mm versions, there are 14 cross links on an 11 x 22.5 single, 16 on an 11 x 24.5 single, 28 on an 11 x 22.5 dual-triple, and 32 on an 11 x 24.5 dual-triple. For easier tightening and loosening, there are four tensioning cams on both the outside and inside of all 8-mm versions.

Part numbers are etched on each cam so drivers can identify the model and size of the chain during use. Kinedyne provides trilingual installation instructions with every set along with a tensioning tool that helps tighten/loosen the tensioning cams. All chains are sold in “Easy Carry—Easy Store” plastic pails that feature color-coded labels that clearly indicate the specific width and design of the various types of chains.

Kinedyne offers repair kits for every style of Grip Link chains and tire chain pliers for installation of repair kits. Kinedyne’s Grip Link Tire Chain Bungee is a quick and easy way to pull the tire chains tight for optimal grip while on the road.

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