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Ram ProMaster 2500 Review


Promaster 2500

I expected a quite smaller model when I picked it up from the Detroit airport. There it sat; its 159-inch wheelbase taking up a complete parking space. The sun gleamed off the high roof of the white 2019 Ram ProMaster 2500. 

To say I was excited to climb in and blaze my trail would be a fib. Honestly, I was intimidated to take the wheel, having never driven a vehicle of that size. And to traipse through metro Detroit? Write me down as iffy at best. Nevertheless, I buckled in.


I was very thankful for the backup camera once I buckled up, typed in the address to my destination, and maneuvered my way out of the parking lot. Although small compared to cameras in sedans and pickups, the device was sufficient enough to keep me from a fender bender.

I initially dreaded the 40-minute drive to my destination, but honestly, the most difficult part of my drive was the first three minutes after turning the ignition. After the three minutes of leaving the parking lot and getting myself accustomed to the size of the van, I was just as comfortable driving the Ram ProMaster cargo van as I was my personal ride. Sight wasn’t much of an issue. I often looked up to the rearview mirror out of habit, but since all I could see were the back doors of the van, I relied heavily on my side view mirrors, which enabled me to get a good view of the road behind and beside me.

I thought I would be lagging behind along with the large trucks on the interstate, but was I wrong. The ProMaster’s 3.6-L V6 engine with 280 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque kept me cruising with traffic. Granted, the van was unloaded, which could contribute to its power. Yet an unloaded van allowed for a slightly rougher ride than I would expect from a loaded van.

The drive of the ProMaster is similar to that of minivan, just longer and taller. Because of that, I was able to take the van through residential and congested areas pretty easily. The only problem I really dealt with was parking due to the fact that I was an inexperienced cargo van driver and chose to park in spaces that were much further than other vehicles. 


After scouting good places to take a few photos of the ProMaster, I decided on Detroit’s Eastern Market, an area for Detroit’s many year-round public markets. Not only did it provide a nice backdrop for in-city photos, it also provided a nice challenge for maneuvering the ProMaster in and out of alleys, through crowded lots, and around busy pedestrians. I didn’t get out and measure, but Ram boasts its ProMaster has a 36-ft turning diameter, and I’d say that’s accurate.

As I took the photos, I couldn’t help but notice all the room there was in the cargo area and imagine all the ways it could be used. Being the avid traveler I am, my mind immediately filled the cargo space with a bed, an eating area, and a sink. Being the work truck magazine editor that I am, my mind filled the space with shelving, storage, and work spaces soon after.

The Ram ProMaster cargo van truly is a blank canvas. Fit it specifically to your application with preconfigured upfit units or design your very own workspace through a variety of shelving, bins, cabinets, flooring, work surfaces, and more. No matter how you decide to upfit your vehicle, the ProMaster’s 17 floor and sidewall tie-downs will make sure it’s all secure. And the back doors on the ProMaster open a full 260 degrees to ensure they are never in your way when loading or unloading the van or stepping in and out, no matter how your van is upfitted.


When bought new, the limits to this vehicle really come down to what you can imagine. What you do with it is up to you—whether that’s purchasing a complete solution from your favorite upfitter or bundling one upfitter’s solution with another.

There’s plenty of room for you to place anything you want in your ultimate work van. The ProMaster cargo van has up to 460 cubic ft of cargo capacity and features a maximum payload of 4,680 lbs for all of your business needs and equipment. Load the van from just 21 inches off the ground with the ProMaster’s best-in-class load floor height. After you’ve loaded the cargo space, feel free to start loading your trailer because the ProMaster can tow up to 5,100 lbs.

The doors on the ProMaster open a full 260 degrees, ensuring they are out of your way when loading and unloading.

You should be able to work uninterrupted for a while in this van. It features a 24-gallon fuel tank, and operators can go up to 10,000 miles between oil changes in the ProMaster. 

Whether you’re an HVAC company in downtown Detroit or an electrical contractor in rural Texas, you could turn this blank canvas into your most convenient and favorite work vehicle.


Jade Brasher is the editor of Modern WorkTruck Solutions magazine. A graduate of The University of Alabama, Jade resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and enjoys writing about her town, travel, and of course, work trucks. Reach her at


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