Product Showcase October 2022


SweepAway Rotary Broom

Hilltip’s SweepAway rotary brooms attach to pickups, tractors, and other equipment. Available in 59- to 86-inch widths, attachments feature a 20-inch-diameter brush for high performance in various applications. Broom mounts allow an angle up to 25 degrees for controlling the direction of swept material. The brooms require a hydraulic system with a minimum flow of 11 gallons per minute. Truck owners can add a Hilltip Power Unit if truck does not meet flow requirements. The power unit has a KOHLER® engine that provides up to 12 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow to operate the SweepAway rotary brooms, as well as other machines.


C Series LED Lights

Coxreels recently introduced a new line of three industrial duty LED lights now available on the C (Dual Purpose) reels. The new LED lights feature a variety of industrial-grade features and options, including: a 50,000 hour rating, internal light diffusers, and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Coxreels’ new LED lights also feature adjustable steel hooks for hands-free placement. Whether you are looking for the compact LED light feature (-M), the LED light with the additional power source (-K), or the industrial-duty, UL Listed LED light (-H), these reels have the features to complement a variety of applications.


GateReader SVT

STEMCO Vehicle Technology (SVT) products replace the need to manually track mileage data. Using smart technologies, these products save time and ensure consistent, reliable data that is free from human collection errors. Coupled with the usage of DataTrac SVT, GateReader SVT is designed to provide data to fleet managers wirelessly and automatically to improve maintenance practices and increase fleet safety. Attached on or near the gate at the entrance of the yard, GateReader SVT wirelessly captures readings from the DataTrac SVT attached to each vehicle’s wheel end, requiring no trenching or hardwiring.


Fuel Tank System for 2020-22 Ford Super Duty Trucks

Transfer Flow introduced a gasoline high-capacity replacement fuel tank for 2020-22 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty short bed, crew cab pickups with 6.2-L and 7.3-L engines. The 58-gallon fuel tank system passed extensive emissions testing and has been granted an executive order from the California Air Resources Board. The fuel tank is made from American-made 12-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance and includes exterior fuel lines and a highly engineered emission system. Each fuel tank is equipped with internal baffles for additional durability and to reduce fuel slosh. This system also has a complete installation kit.

Aftermarket Accessories that Prove Beneficial for Fleets

A Celebration of the First National Propane Day