Product Showcase March 2023


Cat Cage

Monroe Truck Equipment’s mTEC products were created to address its customer’s core concerns. The latest mTEC product is the Cat Cage, a 14-gauge stainless steel box that “cages” the catalytic converter, keeping it safe from theft. The Cat Cage features tamper-resistant fasteners and can be easily installed to the frame using OEM attachment points. It’s a lightweight design that deters catalytic converter theft, while still offering bottom access for greasing the driveshaft. Keep vehicles profitable by avoiding weeks of repair and eliminating replacement costs. The design is currently available for several gas engine chassis, and more will be available in the future.

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VMAC’s DTM185 direct transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor is a high performance underdeck air compressor that delivers 185 CFM at 2,100 RPM and 125 CFM at PTO idle. The DTM185 provides a continuous supply of compressed air that allows efficient operation of two 90-lb jackhammers simultaneously or one jackhammer at PTO idle to maximize productivity and minimize fuel costs. The DTM185 features fast and easy installation—up to 50% faster than other underdeck air compressor systems. No additional drive shafts are required, eliminating potential alignment issues, installation complexity, and extra costs, and the DEF tank can remain in its original place on most vehicles.


CAT-RAP Catalytic Converter Security

Freight Defense’s new CAT-RAP cables protect against catalytic converter theft. Designed for anyone to install, CAT-RAP is made from durable, all stainless steel components that resist corrosion even when exposed to the harshest environments. The CAT-RAP’s universal design can be installed on many vehicle platforms, and installation can be done in as little as 30 minutes, regardless of the catalytic converter’s orientation. Optimized cable length provides flexibility for wrapping techniques while installing. Freight Defense suggests a wrapping strategy that uses a combination of tight and loose wraps, because the looser the cable, the harder
it is to cut.


Sealed In-line Fuse Holders

Sealed In-line Fuse Holders from Littelfuse are the perfect way to protect overflow and auxiliary circuits in your work truck. They are designed with an integral cover that seals the product, allowing it to provide a high level of protection against environmental conditions. With the ability to be mounted universally anywhere, they are perfect for use in applications where space is limited. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, you can easily find the perfect one for your needs to keep your truck up and running.

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