Product Showcase June 2020


CX Classic for Jeep Gladiator

The A.R.E. CX Classic is the first aftermarket fiberglass truck cap available for the 2020 Jeep® Gladiator and comes standard with a host of premium features. The CX Classic features factory paint matching, a front picture window, a half slider screened side window, and a single t-lock heavy-duty rear door. This truck cap is highly customizable with over a dozen options catering to an individual’s specific needs, including the popular OTR Option. The OTR Option replaces factory paint matching with a UV resistant LINE-X spray-on protective coating that increases strength in high stress areas while adding an attractive, rugged appearance.

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Ford Super Duty Rear Seat Storage

Extending the full width of the Ford Super Duty truck cab, this rear seat drawer unit offers the added storage space needed. CTech drawers feature a patented design MotionLatch handle that allows for easy access to anything stored inside while keeping securely closed during transport. With the added lock option you can feel confident your equipment is safe and secure. Drawers are pictured in a F-250 but can also fit the F-350, 450, and 550. These mounts are designed specifically for the Ford Super Duty extended cab.


Remote Start/Stop on Bobcat 260 and 225

Designed to help operators save time and money while reducing exposure to jobsite hazards, Miller’s Remote Start/Stop on Bobcat welder/generators lets operators easily turn the engine on and off remotely. With the Remote Start/Stop, operators can save up to $1,500 in fuel costs per year, eliminate unnecessary noise, and it uses two-way communication between the remote and the machine so that operators know when the commands are received. The Remote Start/Stop is not backwards compatible with previous Bobcat welder/generator models.


Shift Restore

Hot Shot’s Secret recently rebranded its transmission additive Transmission Stiction Eliminator to Shift Restore. Shift Restore cleans and restores automatic and CVT transmissions. This high-performance ester formula is a lubricity and cleaning agent that tenaciously attaches itself to all metal parts that it meets inside the transmission. The strong polarity pulls deposits off the metal surfaces and puts them back into solution. As a result, this minimizes metal-to-metal contact, reduces operating temperatures, and the coefficient of friction for long-term wear protection. The additive improves fuel economy, reduces noise, vibration, and oil leakage, and protects rubber seals.


Roadmaster RM257 Drive Tire

A new addition to Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster line, the RM257 tire features 18/32nds of tread depth on the 225 size and 19/32nds on the 245 size. It is an entirely new drive tire that features aggressive tread and a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification. To receive the certification, the tire must have 25% better acceleration over the reference tire in winter conditions. The Roadmaster RM257 tire doubled that, showcasing its grip and performance attributes. The Roadmaster RM257 tire is an open-shoulder tire with three tread blocks in the center. The tire’s 3D siping allows for better grip in wet weather conditions.


DTM70-H PTO Driven Multi-Power Systems

VMAC’s DTM70-H is a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven multi-power system engineered for 2017 to 2020-plus Ford Super Duty trucks. The DTM70-H produces up to 70 CFM @ 100 psi and up to 14.9 GPM @ 3,265 psi, simultaneously providing air and hydraulics. The entire VMAC DTM70-H system weighs only 180 lbs, increasing available payload by as much as 600 lbs. Systems for 2020-plus model year trucks are capable of switching between fixed and variable modes, reducing RPM and noise and minimizing fuel consumption. VMAC’s DTM70-H also installs up to 30% faster than comparable systems with no modifications required to the Ford transfer case and no drive shafts required.


50-state Replacement Fuel Tank for F-150s

Transfer Flow’s 45-gallon high-capacity midship tank is engineered for 2018 to 2020 gasoline Ford F-150 SuperCrew pickups with 5.5- and 6.5-ft beds, as well as the F-150 Raptor SuperCrew with 5.5-ft bed. Each fuel tank is manufactured from 12-gauge ReliaSteel®, high-yield US aluminized steel for superior durability and strength, and comes equipped with a highly engineered emission system to reduce the amount of hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere. The new tank is perfect for F-150 pickup owners who want to maximize their fuel capacity and driving range without sacrificing truck bed space.


Portable Air Over Hydraulic Jack

Stertil-Koni’s first portable air over hydraulic jack is ideal for servicing vehicles in the maintenance bay or on the road. Model SKB25-2 has a lifting capacity of 25 metric tons at first stage and 10 metric tons at final stage. The ultra-portable design also incorporates a 21.6-inch handle that folds for easy transport, making the jack at home on the shop floor or on the road. It features a chromium-plated piston, easy-to-use controls with dead-man safety switch, built-in overload valve for added safety, and includes 2- and 4-inch extensions. Its maximum height without extensions is 12.5 inches, and its collapsed height is 6.3-inches.

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