Product Showcase July 2020


CX Revo and CX Evolve Truck Caps

A.R.E.’s CX Revo and CX Evolve models put current automotive glass technology into A.R.E.’s product line. The CX Revo and CX Evolve feature a frameless all-glass, tailgate-formed rear door. This door follows the styling of each truck’s tailgate by forming the glass down and over the tailgate for superior styling and security. Both covers feature OneMotion handle and ActiveTilt auto on/off lighting technology. The OneMotion handle offers greater ease of use, as well as optional keyless entry to lock and unlock using your truck’s factory key fob for added security. The ActiveTilt system uses magnet technology to turn the LED lighting on and off when opening and closing the rear door.


SY4435-A Stop/Tail/Turn Light

While it may look like a simple stop/tail/turn light, this light has three flash patterns and owners can synchronize multiple units to flash together or alternate. Its 4-inch diameter means that the light fits into existing holes with a grommet-style mount. The module can tolerate multiple voltages, making it useful in a wide range of applications while the 24 LEDs it contains means that the SY4435-A has serious light output. The light is IP67 certified, making it resistant to dust and moisture. Furthermore, the DOT-approved light is great for emergency, maintenance, and service vehicles due to its SAE W-2 certification.


Dual Hydraulic Reels

Coxreels®’ dual hydraulic reels, designed for use with hydraulic tools and accessories, are offered in two configurations: the MPD and the TDMP series. As with most Coxreels spring rewind reels, the dual hydraulic reels feature single sided access for both the spring and the swivel. The supply and return lines come in the same side of the reel into an external fluid path via a removable, dual port hydraulic swivel. This same inlet and swivel side of the reel also houses an easy-to-service spring cartridge motor. Dual hydraulic reels feature heavy gauge steel construction and durable polyester powder coat.


Tailgate Alert

Guardian Technologies’ new Tailgate Alert is a system designed to ensure valuable tools and expensive possessions aren’t stolen or lost from a truck’s bed. The Tailgate Alert works by sending a red signal that can be identified in the driver’s side mirror, alerting the driver that the tailgate was not raised and locked into place. Tailgate Alert fits pickup trucks including Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram, and Toyota. The system is easy to install and runs off two AA batteries. The LED bulb flashes yellow when batteries require replacement.

Yokohama Tire

714R Pick-up/Delivery Tire

Yokohama Tire’s all-new 714R™ will deliver year-round. Engineered for urban pick-up/delivery applications, the open shoulder drive tire is available in sizes 225/70R19.5 (14) and 245/70R19.5 (16). The 714R first debuted at the TMC show in February and is now available. Benefits of the 714R include: outstanding traction with open grooves that provide excellent traction in wet or snow conditions; long tread life with a wide tread pattern that controls the ground contact pressure to deliver long, original tread life; durable construction with steep grooves; and fuel-efficient operation with Yokohama’s low-resistance tire compounds.


EV Mode

Sygic GPS Navigation released EV Mode, a navigation system with integrated charging station data. Sygic’s eMobility solutions are available to eVan manufacturers for integration into built-in infotainment systems. Sygic’s goal is to achieve navigation systems specifically tailored for electric vans. The brand hopes to achieve this goal through dedicated waypoint optimization, live traffic, charging station data, last-mile feature, weather information, and driver behavior evaluation. Additional goals are to finalize EV Mode’s algorithm to use live and static data to determine exact range, suggest charging stops, reserve charging station spots, and predict discharge of the battery.


Disinfectant Spray

GTech Clean is an EPA-approved spray that leaves a microscopic protective barrier on hard and soft surfaces and continues to kill bacteria and viruses, including human coronavirus, influenza, mildew, and mold, for up to five days. Workers simply fog the area they want to disinfect and let it air dry—no need to dilute the solution or wipe it away. GTech Clean features a fast-spraying, high-coverage applicator that allows users to dispense minimal product. GTech also kills pathogens for up to five days.


Never Rust Lubricant

Hot Shot’s Secret Never Rust Lubricant is a multi-purpose, 100% synthetic spray lubricant that protects metal parts from rust and corrosion significantly longer than competitive brands. Formulated by Lubrication Specialties Inc., manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret high performance oils and additives, Never Rust protects any metal surface up to 20 times longer than even top brands like WD-40. It is ideal for use on metal nuts and bolts, cables and chains, metal tools, automotive parts, and more. Highly resistant to water washout, it will not dry out, separate, or bleed on equipment. Never Rust Lubricant provides exceptional rust protection.

Eliminating Visual, Physical, and Cognitive Distractions

Contactless Fuel On the Go