Aluminum Landscape Body
Crysteel’s new aluminum landscape body combines the strength and durability of its standard body with the lightweight efficiency of aluminum construction, including increased payload capacity, corrosion resistance, and lower maintenance costs. The versatile aluminum body is ideal for contractors in the landscape industry, refuse/waste industry, and recycling industry. The 12-foot body features a ¼-inch floor, 50-inch side door, pull action latch mechanism, two-piece barn door, unibody design, and a Crysteel Lo-Boy hoist. The standard LB510 hoist includes a full-length subframe for added strength and a factory-installed body prop for added safety. Available options include full cabshield, bolt-on pull out ladder kit, pull tarp, and plastic fenders.


Salt Spreader
Muncie Power’s MESP 3016 Electronic Spreader Packages feature automated ground speed controls. With this automation and nine programmable settings of operations, salt is distributed proportionately to the truck’s ground speed, reducing waste and cutting cost. It is compatible with all spreaders. Its controller can operate in auto or manual mode. Durable, soft toggles and illuminated soft-touch buttons on the MESP 3016’s controller make adjusting flow rates simple. Spinner flows up to 8 gpm and auger flows up to 17 gpm are achievable with this spreader package. With its hydraulics mounted outside the cab, the MESP 3016 reduces noise, heat, fumes, and potential danger posed to the driver by high pressure fluids.


Auxilary Suspensions
Link’s auxiliary suspension line offers self-steer and non-steer lift axles that are designed to maximize efficiency in the ordering and installation processes for both OEMs and dealer/installers. With the patented, interchangeable ride-height brackets and standard five-day lead-time, customers are able to control inventory expense while saving two to three hours of installation time.


Autodark 760 Welding Helmet
The Kemper Autodark 760 model provides a range of vision of 96 x 68.5 mm for a better view on the work piece. It is supported with the best possible optical classification of filters. Due to the optimized head support, Autodark 760 offers a better wearing comfort and boasts IR/UV protection level 16. Sensitivity can be set using a control placed on the outside of the helmet and is equipped with a grinding mode.


Amp-Sensing Technology
Roll-Rite adds the optional RiteTouch amp-sensing technology to its TarpMaster Series systems with in-cab rocker switch tarp operations. TarpMaster systems are designed for single to tri-axle dumps in municipal and construction markets that use up to 24 feet of tarp. Amp-sensing takes the guesswork out of operating the tarp by automatically turning off the system at the precise time during winding. In standard tarp operations, over winding of a tarp trips a circuit breaker to protect the tarp motor. Protecting the breaker in turn prevents premature motor burn up from a failed circuit breaker.


Air-Ride Snow Plow
Current solutions to reduce cutting edge wear for snow plows are hardened consumables, or “hydraulic blade saver” options, which add considerable expense and complexity to the hydraulics. Good Roads introduces a new way with the Air-Ride Plow option on its GN-200 push frames, which uses an air spring to maintain constant variable lift for the plow, much like an air-ride suspension for a semi-truck. It’s fully adjustable inside the cab and riding on a cushion of air for less than half the price of others.


Model 500X High Side Dump
The Tymco Model 500x High Side Dump sweeper features a variable dump height from 2-11 feet from the tip of the dump chute to the ground with the hopper fully tilted, enabling it to dump into various size containers. The large dump chute projects debris into the middle of the dump container without the need of a hopper side shift. The large 5.7-cubic yard hopper is constructed of non-magnetic stainless steel, as is the dump chute. The heavy-duty scissor lift assembly has a 10,000-lb lift capacity and all pivots on the lift are self-lubricating. Dual stabilizers automatically deploy before the dump cycle begins, assuring stability throughout the dumping procedure.


Hassle Free Oil Drain VALVE
EZ Oil introduces its new, improved EZ Oil Drain Valve with optional hose connectors. The EZ Oil drain valve replaces a vehicle’s existing drain plug, for fast, clean, and easy oil changes. Its no-tool-necessary design is hassle free—just turn the lever of the ball valve and drain engine oil. The optional hose end (sold separately) allows customers to drain the oil into a remote receptacle. The drain valve is available for all engines, fitting cars, pickups, vans, motor homes, HD trucks, buses, construction equipment, and lawnmowers. It’s even being installed at the factory level of many major vehicle/equipment manufacturers.


Reusable Cabin Air Filters
Like K&N’s air filters, the K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter is a reusable filter designed to replace a vehicle’s stock cabin air filter to clean and freshen incoming air. Cabin air filters reduce the presence of pollen, dust, and bacteria within the cab of a vehicle, keeping the cab smelling better and reducing unwanted particulates. The durable design and manufacturing of K&N’s cabin air filters allow customers to wash and reuse the filter multiple times without losing efficiency. For optimal filtration results, customers can use a combination of advanced synthetic filter media and K&N Refresher™ spray.


Truck Bed Storage System
DECKED manufactures a “made in the US” storage system that mounts to the tie-downs in full-size pickups. Eliminating the need for drilling to provide secure, weatherproof storage for gear, DECKED’s system improves the utility and functionality of the pickup truck bed. DECKED incorporates two weatherproof, bed-length drawers, which provide easy access to tools, equipment, and additional gear. The deck of the storage system provides a 2,000 lb load capacity and is built from 100% recycled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) co-molded to a steel subframe. The lockable drawers, which can hold tools, parts and supplies, and more, can hold up to 200 lbs each. The deck can be configured to accommodate tie downs or rack systems.


HYDRO-ARC 7500 Welder-Generator
Fabco Power, a leader in portable power manufacturing, combined the AC generator with a DC welder to create the two-for-one HYDRO-ARC 7500® welder-generator combination. The HYDRO-ARC 7500, which produces 7,500 watts of AC or DC power, is ideal for the water well drilling industry. The HYDRO-ARC 7500 allows drill operators to weld pipe while having AC power for lighting and pump tests. The hydraulically driven HYDRO-ARC 7500 is compact and lightweight at only 165 lbs. The generator is environmentally clean, provides 120/240 volts, includes AC current overload protection, offers optional pressure compensation flow control, and operates AC tools, air-compressors, lights, and more. Complete maintenance of the generator is free.


Rigid and Flexible Solar Panels
Kussmaul Electronics’ new line of rigid and flexible solar panels are designed to help keep up with vehicle loads without prolonged engine idle—assisting in anti-idle law compliance. The panels are made of industrial grade components and come with heavy-duty mounts. The panels are ideal for charging vehicles with on-board mobile computers and radios. Panels come in a variety of sizes to match available roof space and can be wired in parallel for higher output. The voltage controller adapts to charging different battery types out of the box. Consumers of Kussmaul’s solar panels can save money on fuel and engine maintenance. Having to jumpstart a car will be a thing of the past.


Extreme Duty Tool Drawer Unit
CTECH designed its Extreme Duty (XD) Drawers to be the most durable in the industry, while also achieving a quality finish and unmatched weight savings. CTECH’s XD drawers—constructed of .09 aluminum drawer bodies, 500 lb slides, and paired with CTECH’s MotionLatch™ handle—are designed to withstand abuse in the field. CTECH services all truck body manufacturers and has standard units ready for customer order. The light-weight construction of CTECH’s XD drawers enables payload cuts of up to 50 percent, allowing customers to enjoy cost savings on the bottom line.


Hi-Way Xzalt Precision Applicator
Highway Equipment Company (HECO), the manufacturer of Hi-Way® road maintenance equipment and New Leader® crop nutrient applicators, announces a precision application solution to accelerate ice melt. The company’s new high-tech precision sand and salt application is called Hi-Way Xzalt Precision Applicator. Xzalt reduces salt usage and accelerates ice melt by mixing liquid and granular material at a 70:30 ratio, resulting in greater adhesion, less material bounce, and less waste. Directional spinning technologies as well as The QuickLane function— which allows operators to adjust the spread pattern width from multiple lanes down to a single lane—make the Xzalt Applicator an innovative piece of technology.


GXL 4021 LED Work Light
Golight, Inc., a world leader in pan and tilt remote-controlled lighting technology, announces its new model GXL 4021 LED work light. The compact, aluminum bodied GXL 4021 LED work light emits 4,500 max lumens. The light measures 4.5 x 4 inches with a depth of 3.5 inches and comes with a 2-inch stainless steel mounting bracket. The light’s compact size and ultra-bright illumination power comes from its space-saving “LED cluster” design, while the raw power of its 16 LEDs is controlled through the use of three choices of polycarbonate lenses. This ultra-bright work light is designed for severe-duty capabilities, as well as convenience.


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