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Peterbilt Celebrates Production Milestone with 100,000th Model 389

Peterbilt celebrates the production of the 100,000th Model 389 at its Denton, Texas manufacturing plant. The Model 389 was introduced in 2006 and this 100,000th truck represents the hard work of designers, engineers, and plant employees who created and manufactured the most iconic truck on North American highways today. As part of the celebration, Peterbilt presented the milestone truck, equipped with the limited-release Model 389X special edition package, to Massey Motor Freight, a nationwide freight shipping service.

“We are extremely pleased to present the 100,000th Model 389 to Massey Motor Freight,” says Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice president. “Troy Massey is a long-time Peterbilt customer who recognizes the craftmanship, performance, and durability of the Model 389 and is the perfect customer to receive this milestone truck.”

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Founded in 2016 by Troy and Abby Massey, Massey Motor Freight is dedicated to providing fast, on-time deliveries to its customers across the US with reliable transportation for its drivers because Massey is a true drivers company where drivers matter. Massey Motor Freight’s motto is “Quality Without Question.” The company operates a total of 325 units along with Tri-State Vacuum & Rental, also owned by the Masseys.

“It is a great honor to receive the 100,000th Model 389 and celebrate this milestone with Peterbilt,” says Troy Massey. “Massey Motor Freight’s long-standing relationship with Peterbilt is based on the common values our companies represent and our commitment to exceed customer expectations.”

“The production of the 100,000th Model 389 highlights the dedication of Peterbilt employees and the great pride our customers have in operating Peterbilt traditional trucks,” says Skoog.

The Model 389 will end its historic production run at the end of the year. Its successor, the new legendary Model 589 introduced earlier this year, is now available for order through any of Peterbilt’s 425-plus dealer locations in North America. Model 589 production begins January 2024 at Peterbilt’s factory in Denton, Texas.

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