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Optimus Technologies Partners with Can-Am Custom Trucks to Provide a Ship-thru Code for Freightliner and Western Star Customers


Optimus Technologies’ Vector System is now available on any new Freightliner or Western Star truck. The Vector System enables diesel engines to operate on 100% biodiesel (B100). A partnership with Can-Am Custom Trucks (Can-Am) makes this possible via ship-thru installation. Customers now have the option to order Freightliner or Western Star trucks with the Vector System prior to final delivery. Their dealer simply has to use Can-Am’s ship-thru code, 99B-008.

The Vector System, an EPA-compliant advanced fuel technology, upgrades medium- and heavy-duty trucks to run on B100. This pure biodiesel achieves near-zero carbon emissions, which makes it a sustainable alternative to conventional diesel. It is also more readily available with lower costs than equivalent heavy-duty electric or natural gas vehicles.

Additionally, Can-Am’s location in Charlotte, North Carolina, is central to the Cleveland, Mt. Holly, and Gaffney Freightliner and Western Star plants. The facility has been a ship-thru center for these manufacturers for more than 15 years. The partnership will facilitate integration of Optimus’ B100 technology for fleets looking to switch to biodiesel to achieve sustainability targets. As an OEM-approved ship-thru center, Can-Am can retrieve trucks from the plant and complete the Vector System installation. Once complete, Can-Am can return the truck to the transporter lot for delivery to the customer’s final destination.

“More and more fleets are integrating Optimus’ technology into their new vehicle purchase specifications; this partnership provides customers a streamlined process for new truck builds with The Vector System. We’re excited to partner with Can-Am to provide this service because Can-Am has a longstanding history of bringing innovation, top-notch customer service, and deep domain expertise to solutions for the medium- and heavy-duty trucking industry,” says  Colin Huwyler, CEO of Optimus Technologies.


Typically, recycled cooking oil and waste fats, as well as agricultural byproducts compose biodiesel—a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement. As the nation’s first domestically produced and commercially available advanced biofuel, biodiesel can replace petroleum diesel fuel. As a fuel replacement, biodiesel provides significant engine and environmental, as well as economic benefits.

Most engines manufactured today are able to run on B20, a 20% blend of biodiesel; however, with The Vector System, engines are able to use 100% biodiesel. This partnership allows fleets to order Freightliner or Western Star trucks equipped with The Vector System, achieving near-zero carbon emissions today.

“This partnership with Optimus will allow us to expand our product offerings to provide customers with access to this innovative carbon reducing technology,” says Terry Potts, president of Can-Am. “Can-Am has decades of experience and is constantly looking for ways to innovate in this industry. Offering unique, high-quality technologies, such as The Vector System, sets us apart and allows us to stay at the forefront of the trucking industry.”

In January 2021, Can-Am completed the first Vector System-equipped trucks under the partnership. Can-Am completed the trucks under a specification developed with Freightliner dealer Johnson Truck Center located in Landover, Maryland. The Washington, DC Department of Transportation received final delivery of the trucks.

“Our customers have been utilizing Optimus’ technology for years to meet their demands for lower carbon emissions.” Says Kirk Fricia, head of government sales for Johnson Truck Center. “Now we are seeing the Optimus B100 system integrated into their new vehicle bid specifications. This partnership allows us to factory order trucks and have the Optimus system equipped before they are delivered to our dealership or the body and equipment upfitters.”

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