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Nexar Fleets Improves Efficiency, Ensures Driver and Vehicle Safety, and Saves on Fuel and Insurance Costs

Nexar Fleets, specifically designed for small business owners, has seen its growth surge by hundreds of percent, a testament to the compelling benefits it offers. Nexar Fleets is not merely a provider of tech-based services; it’s also a game-changing tool that enables fleet owners to enhance safety and cut operational costs.

Through a dashboard, fleet owners, transportation companies, taxi and Uber owners, and more now have access to real-time information. This allows them to stay in control of the fleet around the clock.

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With the new Geofencing feature, fleet owners can set up virtual boundaries for their fleets. This technology enables real-time alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a specified area. This enhances security as well as control of operations.


Nexar Fleets’ AI-based system collects and processes real-time data from each vehicle, providing valuable insights. It allows owners to stay in control of the fleet around the clock with quick access to the drivers’ live GPS locations, eliminating unnecessary detours as well as enhancing fuel economy. These data-driven insights can also help fleet owners monitor driver behavior and identify areas for increased efficiency.


The safety of drivers and assets is critical in fleet operations. Using advanced dashcam technology as well as AI-powered collision prevention, Nexar Fleets helps reduce accidents, lowering insurance costs.


Nexar Fleets constantly monitors vehicle performance, enabling fleet owners to discern fuel usage patterns and take steps to boost fuel efficiency. As a result, fleets experience substantial cost savings and a more sustainable operation.

Rocco Santamaria, owner of a laundry pickup and delivery business, has used Nexar Fleets for several months now. He says: “It has been a real game-changer for my business, allowing me to ensure the safety of my drivers and my vehicles. Via the dashboard, I now have all the information I need in real time – it’s almost as if I am sitting in the passenger seat myself!”

Nexar Fleets is available on Nexar’s direct online sale site, with transparent pricing and simple setup. Nexar One fleet cameras start at $359.99 with the connected fleet subscription starting at $14.99/month but a specific quote for individual businesses can be generated in under two minutes.

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