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Netradyne’s Q1 ’23 Launch Unveils Technologies Addressing Cost, Safety, and Fleet Management Challenges


Netradyne, a SaaS provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing solutions, announced its seasonal launch. The launch introduces new solutions and updates to its existing product suite. Amid economic uncertainty, efficiency and visibility into every aspect of a commercial fleet’s business have never been more crucial. Netradyne’s new features—Recommended Coaching, Collision Management, Fleet Safety Progress Report, and Fleet Tracking—help commercial fleets address challenges and adapt to the ever-changing economic and industry climates.


Unlike anything else on the market, Recommended Coaching automatically identifies the drivers who need coaching the most. Using historical driving behavior and AI, Netradyne’s solution sifts through alerts and lists drivers needing coaching, thus creating productivity improvements. Weekly update recommendations leverage data from either the last coaching session or the previous six completed weeks. Recommended Coaching alerts will include one to two driving trends contributing to a driver’s score reduction. If a driver receives recent coaching, they will automatically move to the bottom of the list. If a driver ignores a Recommended Coaching alert, they remain in the coaching cue, and their session is in escalation. Drivers with good scores can bypass Recommended Coaching sessions, saving drivers’ and safety managers’ time and, ultimately, costs for fleets.

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With increased road collisions, non-truck occupant injuries, and litigations, commercial fleets’ insurance and collision costs have risen dramatically. From 2010 to 2020, the market saw a 71% increase in costs incurred from collisions. Lags in the current reporting of collisions and injuries significantly extend claim closure ratios, increasing claim costs and litigations. To combat these costs, Netradyne’s Collision Management feature can eliminate reporting lags with collision detection and real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information. Collision Management helps reduce litigations, claims, and insurance costs through tools that streamline the workflow—from event video capture to claim submission. Further, Netradyne can detect the difference between fender benders and head-on-accidents in real time. This addresses pain points at an early stage, saving fleets time and resources across the board.


Insurance costs have increased 47% in 10 years, creating yet another always-growing cost for commercial fleets. As such, fleet managers and executives look to measure and reduce risks to help lower costs across the board. The new Fleet Safety Progress Report provides actionable insights and a concise view of the fleet’s performance. The Driver•i platform analyzes driving behavior data, fleet performances, road data, and detected data events and creates insight reports on risk levels. Now, fleets can negotiate insurance premiums based on actual performances instead of being set by aggregated market data. Fleets also receive a detailed report demonstrating the effectiveness of Netradyne’s safety solutions. This offers a powerful mechanism for highlighting actionable improvement opportunities and a tool to negotiate prices and facilitate discounts based on driver performance and risk.


Netradyne’s Fleet Tracking offers visibility and optimization across vehicles with a complete picture of the route and activity. Customers can create geofences, receive notifications when a geofence is crossed, and share a vehicle’s location with customers or vendors. As a result, the fleet receives greater visibility and optimization across the entire supply chain. Information gleaned from Fleet Tracking empowers safety managers as well as drivers with advanced route monitoring, increasing efficiencies and cost savings.

“As a high-performance organization, we strive to deliver new impactful solutions for our customers facing the repercussions of a volatile market,” says David Julian, Netradyne cofounder and CTO. “Netradyne’s recent SMB survey reinforces that safety and financial concerns continue to be top of mind for fleet business decision-makers. Our seasonal launch provides a new feature suite that gives our customers the peace of mind that Netradyne continues to innovate in safety, fleet management, and cost optimization. We look forward to building on our market-leading safety technology and to continue finding opportunities to raise the industry standard for the commercial fleet industry.”

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