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Mclaren Doors Launches New INSUL-LITE 2.125-inch Bottom Panel


MCLAREN DOORS launched a new bottom panel for the INSUL-LITE 2.125-inch Insulated roll-up truck door. It features a completely extruded 1/8-inch thick aluminum panel with an exterior PVC fascia. The addition of the bottom panel aluminum extrusion will provide extra impact protection against pallet jack and forklift damage.

The INSUL-LITE 2.125-inch Insulated roll-up door provides a patented panel design that combines the benefits of the MCLAREN DOOR Streamline Series with the standard truck door hinge. This allows the INSUL-LITE door to drop into competitors’ tracks. The external hinge allows for faster roller maintenance and panel replacement for companies that experience frequent damage caused by forklifts.

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Like all MCLAREN DOORS products, the INSUL-LITE series door features PVC and strategically reinforced with aluminum; this reinforcement provides support for the hinges while protecting against door sag. Using these lightweight materials, the INSUL-LITE doors average of 25% lighter than the standard reefer door. They also offer an antimicrobial protection, giving customers a germ-free panel. MCLAREN DOORS engineered to prevent dirt and debris from falling through the cracks during door operation, thereby preventing cargo contamination.

Additionally, the INSUL-LITE insulated door uses an eco-friendly polyurethane foam that adheres to the US EPA SNAP program. Rubber-sealed panel ends prevent water penetration that increases door weight and decreases thermal efficiency throughout the door life.

The INSUL-LITE door kit comes standard with four rows of galvanized hinges. Stainless steel hinges are available upon request. The door kits also include heavy-duty 2-inch nylon roller with sealed stainless steel 6200Z bearing rollers with a 4-inch stainless-steel shank that do not require greasing, and stainless-steel mono-bolts. MCLAREN DOORS has spent the past seven years perfecting the INSUL-LITE product. This includes conducting extensive field tests across various North American regions to ensure a quality product at competitive prices.

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