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Maxion Wheels Tackles Industry Challenges with New Wheels Debuting at NACV 2019

Maxion Wheels unveiled several new commercial vehicle wheels and related innovations designed to tackle some of North America’s biggest industry challenges at its press conference during the North American Commercial Vehicle Show 2019 (NACV Show) in Atlanta.

The wheels and innovations showcased were:

  • Tough and Light North American Commercial Vehicle Steel Wheel
  • Smart Wheel Connectivity Solution
  • Last Mile Delivery Light Commercial Vehicle Steel Wheel
  • AEROWHEEL Commercial Vehicle Concept Wheel Cover 

“Dramatic changes in mobility and alternative powertrains is the inspiration behind Maxion Wheels’ latest truck wheel innovations,” says Donald Polk, president of Maxion Wheels, Americas. “You might be surprised by the role a wheel can play in solving industry challenges as evident in today’s press conference. Our showcased products demonstrate our commitment to creating the industry’s most cost-effective, robust wheel solutions for today and tomorrow.”


Weighing in at 64 lbs, Maxion Wheels’ newest truck wheel for North America is the “toughest and lightest” standard 22.5 x 8.25 commercial vehicle steel wheel in the market. Available in 2020, the new wheel weighs less than its predecessor yet is stronger as a result of optimized design, engineering, and flow forming technologies.

Tough and Light Steel Wheel

With a 7,400-lb wheel load rating, Tough and Light features a new circular hand hole shape deviating from the traditional Maxion Wheels’ D-shape. Changing the hand hole combined with design optimization analysis reduced wheel structural stresses by more than 10%, resulting in an even more efficient and durable wheel when compared to the previous generation.

“Maxion Wheels’ commitment to leading the commercial vehicle market with cost-competitive lightweight wheels is a key force behind our latest weight reduction breakthrough,” Polk adds. “Improved fuel efficiency and fewer emissions are just two benefits that come from the lighter wheel. Multiply that by 18 and you have a serious top-line payload opportunity and a bottom-line cost benefit.”


Maxion Wheels is partnering with ZF OPENMATICS to help fleets perform more safely and efficiently by collecting essential vehicle data at the wheel through its groundbreaking MaxSmart® technology. Maxion Wheels’ wheel sensor technology is paired with ZF OPENMATICS’ intelligent sensing and telematics expertise to offer the industry’s first Smart Wheel Connectivity Solution, a fully-integrated mechanical and sensing solution to help prevent potentially dangerous and costly tire and wheel-end failures.

Mounted directly to the truck wheel rim, the durable Bluetooth tag tracks vehicle load, tire humidity, temperature, and air pressure, as well as wheel position, speed, and vibration across nine axis. Information is collected in real time and wirelessly transmitted to the vehicle’s telematics onboard unit before being transferred to the ZF Cloud. Initially, targeting the commercial vehicle market, the multiservice sensor will undergo feasibility studies during the first half of 2020 followed by real-world testing and validation.


Last Mile Delivery Wheel

The very basis of how goods are transported in the future will change with a significant number of Class 3 to 7, light- and medium-duty vehicles now serving the last mile of delivery. Understanding how these vehicles, many switching to electric powertrains, need to perform led Maxion Wheels to develop the Last Mile Delivery wheel—a steel wheel repurposed for new mobility urban transport vehicles. Using a proven concept, Maxion Wheels’ customers are countering the rising costs of new technologies and electric powertrains with a cost-effective, validated solution.


AEROWHEEL Wheel Cover Concept

Also showcased during the press conference was Maxion Wheels’ drag-reducing, patent-pending aerodynamic concept wheel cover for the steer axle, AEROWHEEL. The company’s understanding of vehicle aerodynamics and the role a wheel plays in generating turbulence is the inspiration for this functional and stylish wheel design concept for trucks and buses. Using computational fluid dynamics, the cover proved to significantly reduce drag thereby improving fuel efficiency.

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