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Mack Trucks Introduces Electrify My Refuse Route Program to Incentivize Customers to Purchase the Mack LR Electric

Mack Trucks launches Electrify My Refuse Route Program rewarding customers for sharing routes in preparation for the Mack LR® Electric.

Mack Trucks launched its Electrify My Refuse Route Program, a campaign that rewards customers for sharing their refuse routes to prepare the fleet’s readiness for the Mack LR® Electric refuse vehicle.

To take advantage of the program, customers must first download the Mack Route Recorder app. When the customers share valid refuse collection routes, they’ll receive up to $750 in Mack parts reward cards. Then, customers who purchase or lease the Mack LR Electric refuse vehicle can receive $25,000 for charging hardware reimbursement. They can also receive $10,000 in additional charging reimbursements for each further vehicle purchased.

“Mack is committed to helping customers make the transition to emobility, and one way in which to do that is to find ways to mitigate the infrastructure costs, which can prove to be a barrier to electrification,” says Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of sales and commercial operations. “The battery-electric Mack LR can help customers achieve their sustainability goals, so Mack wants to do whatever we can to encourage customer adoption of the zero tailpipe-emissions truck.”

To qualify for parts reward cards and the additional incentives, customers email Mack their recorded collection routes. Mack rewards the customer $250 in reward cards for each submitted qualified route, with a limit of three per customer. Limits apply for specific charger models and manufacturers for those that receive charging hardware reimbursement following a purchase or lease .


George Fotopoulos, Mack vice president of emobility, says the company continues to invest in emobility. “We believe the Electrify My Refuse Route Program is just another example of this,” Fotopoulos says. Other examples of Mack’s investments in emobility include the next generation LR Electric and Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS), he adds.

VaaS includes the vehicle chassis, the refuse body, applicable taxes, and the Mack Ultra Service Agreement, a comprehensive service plan. Qualified customers can bundle a charger and associated installation costs into a single invoice. Mack offers VaaS as a five-year lease with single monthly payments and the option to renew.

The Mack Ultra Service Agreement includes all preventive and corrective maintenance (excluding accidental repairs), Mack GuardDog® Connect uptime services, roadside assistance, battery monitoring, and an industry-leading battery performance guarantee. GuardDog Connect monitors vehicle systems, including battery health and performance. It also checks for fault codes and defects reported by the battery and electric components of the energy storage system.

When a critical fault code is detected, Mack GuardDog Connect proactively contacts Mack OneCall agents at the Uptime Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. OneCall agents support Mack customers by coordinating repairs and service with the Mack dealer network during service events.

Mack also continues to support its dealers as more become EV-certified. Mack currently has Certified Electric Vehicle (EV) Dealers in California, Idaho, Montreal, Quebec and Pennsylvania.

Mack began serial production of the LR Electric in 2021 at its Lehigh Valley Operations facility in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

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