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Mack Enhances Axle Warranty for Normal, Heavy-Duty, and Severe-Duty Applications

Mack Trucks enhanced its standard Mack® axle warranty for Model Year 2022 Mack models, extending time and mileage coverage to improve the total cost of ownership for customers.

Vehicles covered under the axle warranty include Mack Anthem®, Mack Pinnacle™, Mack Granite®, Mack TerraPro®, and Mack LR models.

“Mack axles are engineered to be extremely durable without sacrificing performance or reliability, which is a very popular selling point for our customers,” says Tim Wrinkle, Mack construction product manager. “Knowing this, Mack enhanced our warranty to increase the return on investment for customers. We’ve improved our warranties to allow customers to have more coverage while also enhancing the standard heavy-duty warranty to be best in class.”


Mack extended the standard heavy-duty warranty for line haul, construction, and refuse to 60 months or 500,000 miles. This is specifically for vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of less than 80,000 lbs or a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of less than 143,000 lbs.

The company extended the standard normal-duty warranty for long-haul, short-haul, or pickup and delivery to 60 months or 750,000 miles. The vehicle must have a GVWR of less than 63,000 lbs or a GCWR of less than 100,000 lbs.

Heavy construction, heavy refuse, off-road, heavy haul, mining, logging, or oil field vehicles with a standard severe-duty warranty now have coverage for 24 months or 100,000 miles for vehicles with a Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) of less than 52,000 lbs, a GVWR of less than 80,000 lbs, or a GCWR of less than 143,000 lbs.

Wrinkle says in terms of durability, ground clearance, and efficiency, Mack axles are best in class. “Mack just made them even better,” Wrinkle adds. He also says the enhanced warranty “touches every heavy-duty truck application.”


Mack has a long, rich history in axle design. In 1920, Mack introduced double-reduction architecture to improve durability. The result reduced the speed from the drive shaft before transmitting torque to the axle shaft. This helps spread and balance loading over two gear sets. Throughout the following years, Mack added additional design advantages to its proprietary drive axles based on continuous research and engineering.

Durapoid bevel and helical gears are one such design advantage. This offers favorable gear tooth geometry to help eliminate localized stress and loading on the gear tooth end. As a result, the gear receives improved strength and increased life. This design also reduces frictional losses, resulting in Mack axles delivering up to 1.5% improved fuel efficiency.

A top-mounted design makes axles less prone to seal leaks while offering up to 2 inches of additional ground clearance. This increases maneuverability at construction sites as well as in other off-highway applications. Improved driveline angles maximize universal joint life, reduce vibrations for a quieter and smooth ride, and allow greater axle articulation. It also reduces torque losses for improved efficiency.

Mack builds all proprietary drive axles in the US at its Hagerstown, Maryland, powertrain facility. Mack axles also pair well with Mack’s suspension options, including Mack Twin-Y, Mack mRIDE™, and Mack Camelback for vocational applications.

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