Luverne: Professional Front-End Protection For Trucks

The LUVERNE Prowler Max™ is a heavy-duty grille guard for trucks that works hard. Everything about it is engineered to provide professional-grade front-end protection while adding a sharp, stylish look to your truck. For the latest truck models, Prowler Max features a new, aggressive, streamlined style.

Each Prowler Max grille guard is designed for a specific truck application, installing with no drilling required, and providing a fully integrated look for maximum front-end strength and rigidity.


The Prowler Max grille guard for trucks is equipped for hard roads and challenging jobs. Built into the center section is a punched steel screen constructed from heavy-gauge steel. This screen serves as a barrier to keep gravel, sticks, and road debris from damaging your grille while maintaining consistent airflow to the engine compartment.

The Prowler Max is also equipped with heavy-duty wraparound brush guards, featuring a double-stack design to protect both the bumper and headlights. The brush guards are set with 3/8-inch steel wires for additional headlight protection.


For maximum functionality on your full-size, lifted work truck, the Prowler Max comes with an integrated step. The bottom cross-member of the one-piece grille guard is a 4-inch-wide diamond-plate stepping surface.

The step offers a handy leg up on the front-end of the truck, making it much easier to access the engine compartment. This is a must-have for full-size work trucks, especially when working under the hood, and the diamond-plate finish provides extra non-skid traction.


To optimize the Prowler Max grille guard for work trucks, LURVERNE constructs it with a one-piece design. The vertical uprights, center tubes, mesh screen, and 2-inch tubular side brush guards are all welded together, maximizing the grille guard’s strength and ensuring the best possible front-end protection.

LUVERNE also designs each grille guard model to bolt onto the truck’s frame, enhancing its front-end strength and greatly reducing any vibrations while driving.

All Prowler Max truck grille guards come with powder-coated steel brackets for a complete installation and dependable front-end strength.


The signature touch on every Prowler Max grille guard is the center vehicle logo reveal. The horizontal tubes contour around the truck’s emblem, showing off your truck’s badge.

The contoured steel tubes are also welded into place on the one-piece frame to further enhance protection for the truck grille.

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