LED Technology That is Clearly Superior

Peterson’s DOT-legal 701C 7-inch round LED headlights improve lighting performance for any PAR56-equipped vehicle—heavy-duty, over-the-road truck.

Don’t take your forward lighting technology for granted. The superior performance of LED headlights offers improved lighting in any weather and every lighting condition. The increase in output of LED highlights enhances safety while their energy-efficiency, low power consumption means they last longer.

Through an intelligent engineering process geared toward innovative and high-value LED lighting solutions, Peterson USA-made, LED headlights were born out of collaborative systems-level integration with vehicle manufacturers. From concept to design, engineering to prototype, and assembly to production, the LED-specialized solution was focused on reliability and cost.

Considering the light that the LEDs emit, they are very small in comparison. Peterson LED headlights are made up of two LED chip-on-board units per assembly; one for high beam and one for low beam, providing brilliant light. Each chip-on-board unit contains five LEDs.

The state-of-the-art optics and diode technology built into Peterson’s LED headlight provides a dramatically crisp beam. Its wide, more even pattern has a 5600k color temperature that closely matches natural daylight. The more natural light leads to improved object recognition at night while the more even-beam-pattern reduces eye strain for the driver.

The wider, more even beam pattern gives drivers exceptional night lighting including shoulder visibility. When drivers can see the edge of the roadway, they can more easily detect stopped vehicles, obstacles, animals, and people on the side of the road. And whether the road surface is flat or sloping, the roadway and roadside are well lit.


Because of the LEDs’ energy-efficiency, they do not need to be replaced as often. And, these popular headlights boast a solid-state design and rugged construction, which protects the electronics against moisture, shock, and vibration, and means they last longer than traditional sealed beam lights. 

For built-in durability, Peterson’s LED headlights have its standard H4 three-blade terminals integrated directly into the cast alloy housing rather than wired onto the light as a separate pigtail. With the impact-resistant, heavy-duty polycarbonate lens bonded to rugged aluminum housing, the LEDs provide outstanding vibration resistance. Their strength and shock resistance in addition to their energy efficiency extends the service life.

Imagine the dramatic improvement Peterson LED headlights will make out on the road ahead and to the side in any condition. Don’t take your forward lighting technology for granted.

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