TE Connectivity’s (TE) high-power AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are designed for harsh environment wire-to-wire and wire-to-circuit board connections. Part of TE Industrial & Commercial Transportation’s extensive portfolio of rugged electrical connector solutions, AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the agricultural, construction, marine industries, and more. The connectors utilize TE’s field-proven AMP MCP 9.5 contacts and have a current rating of 78 amps for 10 mm² wire.
The AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are constructed of heavy-duty thermoplastic and withstand severe vibration and mechanical shock. They are IP 67 and IP 69K rated and protect connections from dust, dirt, and moisture. AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors have a -30-degree to +100-degree Celsius long-term operating temperature.
The robust AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors feature an integrated secondary lock that confirms contact alignment and retention. A slide lock is used for easy connector mating. Several mounting options are available, including inline, flange, sealed flange, and PCB mount, making the connectors suitable for numerous application types. No tools are required for mounting, as the AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors feature a clip-in mounting feature.
For harsh environment applications that require a high-power, environmentally sealed two position electrical connector, the AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are a reliable solution. AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors and the entire TE Industrial & Commercial Transportation product portfolio deliver reliable connectivity solutions for applications where failure is not an option.


Record360, the industry-leading provider of asset condition reporting software, announces the official release of its claims management platform. The addition of the platform will allow for a seamless integration of Record360’s photo/video vehicle condition capture capabilities with the necessary work that follows damage claims.
The update is a result of customer feedback requesting a user-friendly way to take existing condition review records and pass them through the claims process. In order to keep your fleet on the road and productive, the new claims management platform offers several key features claims managers need to expedite the claims process. Claims Diary allows managers to keep a diary of everyone contacted during the claims process and the outcome of those conversations. File Attachments allows claims processors to attach claims forms and diminished use reports or other documentation to make them accessible to anyone within their organization. An overhaul of the software’s file access, transaction emails, and notation system allows for a streamlined user experience.
Don’t let an accident hinder your business. With smooth claims management, your work trucks can be repaired—or replaced if necessary—faster, with less stress on you and your business.


NAFA Fleet Management Association announces that Iowa State University Transportation Services has enrolled in the Association’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program. NAFA’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program provides fleets with a single, standard way to assess their real actions and progress on sustainability by recognizing concrete improvements in air quality through reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and reducing fuel use. NAFA’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation directly complements the DOE National Fleet Partnership program, the EPA SmartWay program, and other federal efforts, by recognizing fleets for real results achieved in their sustainability efforts.
NAFA is the association for professionals who manage fleets of sedans, public safety vehicles, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes, and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for organizations in North America and across the globe. NAFA’s members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance, repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 4.6 million vehicles that drive an estimated 50 billion miles each year. NAFA’s members control assets and services well in excess of $100 billion each year.
NAFA’s members manage fleets for corporations covering a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations, governments (whether local, state, and/or federal), and public service entities (public safety, law enforcement, educational institutions, utilities, etc.); still other members serve financial institutions, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, and the like.


Gates Corporation, a global diversified manufacturer of industrial, automotive, and heavy-duty aftermarket products, announces the addition of 255 new part numbers to its OE quality automotive products line. The product release includes six new heavy-duty water pumps for popular truck applications, built using upgraded seals and bearings to handle heavy diesel loads, while precise face machining ensures a correct fit.
Gates adds a new size of Fiber Braid Lock-On Hose (5LOC), available in 300-ft bulk reel and 50-ft packaging. This fiber braid reinforced hose is ideal for petroleum-based hydraulic oils, glycol antifreeze compounds, water, engine lubricating oils, and air. It has an oil and mildew resistant cover, a 300-psi working pressure, and meets specific performance requirements for fuel and B20 biodiesel fuel transfer applications up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.
The product release includes a new line of Variable Valve Timing Solenoids that effectively restore the variable valve timing to proper operation and performance. The OE quality parts provide exact fit, easy installation, and a practical solution to the failed operation of a VVT Solenoid, which prevents oil flow and pressure to an engine’s cam phaser.
Gates is committed to advancing the science of motion performance by developing safe, forward-thinking products, services, systems, and solutions.


SWS Safety Warning Specialists, the leading manufacturer of optical and audio devices in Canada since 1969, announces this spring that it has now doubled its warranty coverage to an unprecedented 10 years. SWS strives to make itself better and provide customers with the latest technological innovations, which allows it this historic change in warranties in the amber business. Third–party comparison testing of its minibars to leading competitors has proven what customers across Canada have known for decades—SWS has far better light output. If fact, several other great features include BatteryCheck, AutoDim, and Synchronization.


CM Truck Beds announces its new flooring options available on truck bed models. CM realizes that flooring options are important to commercial customers looking to use its products. That’s why it has added those quality options to its line of tough body haulers.
Now, CM Truck Beds’ customers will have the option to finish their truck bodies with two-inch Pine Flooring, Blackwood, or Rumber Wood. What’s the difference between these options?
Two-inch Pine Flooring provides a durable, yet easy to replace decking option. This flooring option provides stability while still maintaining an entry-level price point.
Furthermore, this flooring option allows users to nail down blocks for better load severity.
CM Truck Beds’ Blackwood flooring option is a wooden lumber product with a rubber inset that is infused throughout the board. This feature will improve the traction over typical lumber. The Blackwood flooring option presents customers with a product that is beneficial and long lasting for all their hauling jobs. With the tactile surface of Blackwood, the cargo you are hauling is less likely to shift while towing.
The Rumber Wood option provides the same quality, as well as great environmental features. It not only is environmentally friendly, it’s also stronger than other composites and impervious to fluids, mud, oil, and UV rays. Rumber Wood will not crack, rot, or split, and has a traction surface that increases safety. CM Truck Beds’ new Rumber Wood boards can be cut with a saw and are easily installed and easy to clean.


Marangoni® Tread North America announces that Froesel Tire in St. Louis, Missouri, is now a member of the Marangoni Tread North America family of independent retreaders and will be offering Marangoni’s signature brand RINGTREAD® (The Splice-Less Retread) to the greater St. Louis area.
Daniel Mitchell, owner of Froesel Tire, says, “We are truly excited about the opportunity to represent RINGTREAD® because it is a premium quality, double contoured, Splice-Less, American-made precured tread that will provide our customers with the best retread experience. The level of service and support we received from Marangoni during our transition not only exceeded our expectations, it also surpassed what we have ever received from any supplier.”
Froesel Tire was established in 1937 by Daniel Froesel. In 1964, Daniel’s oldest son Ron took over as owner and president. After serving in the Army in Vietnam, Ron’s younger brother, Gerard, joined Froesel Tire as a partner in 1969. In 2007, Daniel Mitchell, a 39-year employee and nephew of Daniel Froesel, acquired the company. William Mitchell, son of Daniel Mitchell, is also a minority owner and represents the fourth generation in the Froesel Tire organization.
Froesel Tire services include commercial new and retread tires, service and repair, 24/7 expedited road service, fleet inspections, earthmover and mining tire service, and a complete modern retread plant with a capacity of more than 33,000 retreads per year.
Bill Sweatman, president of Marangoni Tread NA, comments that, “We at Marangoni Tread North America are pleased to welcome Froesel Tire to our retreader network. Froesel Tire has a great reputation of servicing their customers with the highest standard of quality and service. We are particularly happy to have Froesel Tire covering the greater St. Louis market for Marangoni.”


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