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IMT Showcases Industry-Leading Battery-Powered Hydraulic Telescopic Crane at Work Truck Week 2023

Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (IMT) provided a look into the company’s sustainable technologies with the battery-powered hydraulic telescopic crane and air compressor package displayed at Work Truck Week 2023.

“We are leveraging our best technologies to bring sustainable, complete system packages to our customers as they work to future-proof their vehicles and service fleets in the face of changing industry regulations and market needs,” says Amy Brownlee, vice president and general manager of IMT. “Through innovative design and the vetting and testing of new solutions, we are working to develop and manufacture products that deliver the unparalleled quality and reliable user experience IMT products are known for.”


IMT continues to bring innovative products like the battery-powered hydraulic telescopic crane and compressor package to market. Because a Vanair EPEQ™ and ELiMENT™ battery system powers the hydraulic crane, operators can use it with the vehicle off. The concept product displayed features an IMT® 7500 Series telescopic crane and EPEQ™ AIR45 compressor package outfitted on a Dominator® I mechanics truck. Additionally, the crane and compressor package operates like a traditional PTO and pump setup. This means there is no need for a full re-engineering of the hydraulic equipment to use the benefits of electrification.

“IMT is proud to offer industry-leading products that are designed and engineered to meet the most pressing needs of our customers,” says Todd Leidall, senior director of sales at IMT.


IMT displayed its patent pending controls system IMT CMD.CTRL at Work Truck Week 2023. Further, this system comes standard on the IMT Dominator mechanics trucks. It combines strong, reliable hardware with flexible, intuitive software. As a result, operators receive a productive, user-friendly experience.

Core components of the system include convenient cab controls as well as mechanics body compartment controls and the wireless remote control system. Additionally, operators can handle crane and body operation remotely. The IMT CMD.CTRL system operates a crane, stabilizers, lights, compressor, and auxiliary equipment from the wireless controller.

Leidall says IMT took the industry standard to a new level with CMD.CTROL, because the device enables operations of all functions in IMT Dominator trucks via remote. “The system provides a one-stop shop for operators and enhances safety, productivity, and reliability on the job,” Leidall says.

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