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HONK Outperforms in 2021 with Record Growth, New Customers, and Product Expansion


HONK Technologies, a digital roadside assistance platform and vehicle transport company, reached record revenue levels while continuing its product portfolio expansion during the first half of 2021.

In the face of a challenging market, HONK’s revenue grew over 40% from pre-pandemic levels, driven by new client acquisition. New enterprise customers in the insurance, enterprise fleet, and innovative automotive transportation services sectors include Driver, Toco Warranty, Bond, and Kosella, building on HONK’s recent successes with Wawanesa and Shair.

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Additionally, as traffic levels rise, HONK has aggressively increased recruitment of service providers to join its Partner Network. By gaining access to expanding markets, joining HONK helps providers gain additional revenue sources. Of these providers, 49% report that they expect their growth to continue through 2021.

To support clients and its growing transport business, HONK increased its headcount by 30% and continues to hire new talent.


HONK’s high customer satisfaction ratings have been a primary driver of the company’s growth. HONK’s success and ability to provide fast, high-quality, and efficient roadside assistance caught the attention of adjacent industries. Online used-car marketplaces, peer-to-peer car-sharing businesses, and other emerging logistics companies are taking notice.

Further, HONK’s newest on-demand vehicle transport solution continues to gain momentum. Addressing key challenges of the growing online used car retailer market, HONK’s vehicle transport solution eliminates time-consuming manual data entry. It also eliminates hours of calls and manual tracking of automotive retailers when moving vehicles for pickup and customer deliveries. With HONK, efficiency gains and data transparency give businesses the ability to stay focused on sourcing and selling vehicles.

“HONK has seen our highest revenue ever through steady growth in recent months, reaching nearly double the pandemic lows and 40% higher than pre-pandemic levels,” says Corey Brundage, CEO. “Through a focus on partner relations and partnership strategy, as well as entering new markets, we made great strides toward our vision of delivering even more on-demand automotive services across multiple industries.”

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