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Godwin Manufacturing Announces $3.5 Million Expansion


Godwin Manufacturing Co. Inc., located in Dunn, NC, and part of The Godwin Group, announces a $3.5 million manufacturing expansion and improvement initiative. The project was to be completed in three steps. The first two are nearing completion while the final step is just getting started.

Initiated last year, the first step began as an 18,000-sq-ft fabrication expansion. The new addition houses several new state-of-the-art high capacity plasma cutting tables. Also installed are several new overhead cranes to manage material movement and additional steel sheet warehousing. The increased fabrication capabilities afford vastly improved efficiency in the beginning stages of manufacturing.

Other improvements include the soon-to-be-delivered two new 1,200-ton press that allows the company to expand product lines and materials to keep up with industry demand.

The second step in the initiative was general facility improvement and machinery updates such as new asphalt, three new large high capacity forklifts, and 12 general use forklifts.

The third and final step recently began with the groundbreaking for a new 7,000-sq-ft wet paint preparation facility. This building will more than double wet paint production capabilities and alleviate frustrating touch up paint bottlenecks in the installation and finishing departments. All improvements were implemented to reduce customer lead times while efficiently increasing overall manufacturing capacity. The expansion should be completed by mid-August.

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