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Felling Trailers Releases Enhanced Fender Design for EZ-Tilt Trailers

Shown is an FT-12 EZ-T 18.5 ft.

Felling Trailers releases an enhanced fender design for its ground-level loading, EZ-Tilt trailers. Felling is an innovative solutions provider in the trailer industry. It employs its engineering team to enhance and develop new product designs for increased operator safety and ease of use.

The new EZ-Tilt fender design offers a similar profile to Felling’s drop deck equipment trailer fenders. It opens from the top to allow clearance for the wheels when the trailer is lowered to the loading position. The mechanism for lifting the top of the fender is the wheels/tires themselves. As the axles rotate (lowering the tilt bed to the ground), the wheels/tires push up against the fender. As a result, the tires lift the trailer and provide the needed clearance. Felling constructed the main body of the fender from a heavy gauge material, maintaining structural integrity throughout the trailer’s life.

Key Design Features

  • Sleek Profile: The fenders’ lids/tops attach to the fender body using hinges—concealed and protected inside the fender.
  • Dual Spring Action: Each fender is equipped with two springs (one front and one rear) which hold the lid/top closed while the trailer is in the transport position and during transit. Additionally, these springs aid in closing the fender when returning the trailer to the transport position.
  • Rubber Bumpers: The lid/top of the fender rests on shock-absorbing rubber bumpers that cushion the lid/top and reduce vibration during transit.

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