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Drōv Technologies and SKF Vehicle Aftermarket Form Partnership for Integrated Trailer Monitoring


Drōv Technologies, a leader in the smart truck and trailer movement, partners with SKF Vehicle Aftermarket. The partnership integrates SKF TraX wheel end monitoring technology with Drōv’s AirBoxOne™ Smart Trailer solution.

Drōv’s AirBoxOne powers the first fully instrumented smart trailer, monitoring and controlling multiple trailer conditions. AirBoxOne also generates real-time alerts and warnings on the health status of the trailer. Drivers and fleets receive warnings and alerts via Drōv’s mobile and desktop interfaces, as well as the Vehicle Health Display. AirBoxOne supports an integrated, electronically-controlled tire management system along with multiple camera applications and a platform for integration and expansion.

Additionally, the SKF TraX Wheel End Monitor (WEM) is a sensor unit installed on the wheels of heavy-duty vehicles. The WEM intelligently monitors wheel end vibration as well as temperature to detect any potential issues. It integrates with telematic service providers to notify fleet maintenance and the driver in advance via wireless communication. The unit warns of any potential wheel end condition that could compromise performance and safety. In the event of detected bearing vibration, the unit typically notifies users thousands of miles before likely service interruption.

“The addition of the SKF TraX product to Drōv’s best-in-class smart trailer solution provides a critical safety feature to fleets, and collectively with Drōv’s complimentary wheel end solutions provides a comprehensive view of wheel end health,” says Drōv Technologies CEO Lisa Mullen.

“The SKF TraX WEM helps prevent unscheduled downtime by carefully monitoring each wheel end’s vibration and temperature,” says SKF Vehicle Aftermarket Director of Fleet Sales Michael Hartman. “By detecting a potential problem in advance, fleets can avoid costly repairs, damaged reputations, and traffic hazards. The SKF TraX WEM not only saves money, but also lives.”

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