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Deliver Heavy Loads in Tight Spaces with an International RH



Trucks in delivery applications cover a wide spectrum. Whether your deliveries are to remote jobsites, small town general stores, or busy city super markets, you need a truck that delivers more than just cargo. You need a truck that delivers power, maneuverability, quality, and comfort.

International understands your need for capability and those other perks that make driving a truck more enjoyable. That’s where the brand’s RH Series comes into play—a truck built specifically for local, heavy-duty delivery.

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You can often look at a truck and get a good sense of its power. Big, powerful engines can’t fit under small hoods. But big isn’t always an indicator of the best fit for your fleet. Sometimes big is an indicator of a truck that’s too difficult to maneuver in the places you deliver most.

However, that isn’t the case for International’s RH. Although large enough to carry your heaviest deliveries, this truck is capable of fitting in and driving through those tight city roads. With a 113-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab and a 50-degree inside wheel cut, you won’t have to worry about driving several blocks down the road just to turn around. The short, sloped hood gives drivers great visibility, whether the concern is a pedestrian crossing or wildlife darting in your path.

That heavy delivery load is easily pulled by International’s A26 12.4-L engine, engineered with proven components for optimum uptime. The A26 pumps out 365 to 475 hp and delivers 1,250 to 1,750 lb-ft of torque. Buyers can choose between automated manual transmissions, manual transmissions, and the automatic Allison 3000 5- or 6-speed transmission. The RH is available any way you and your driver need it.


International’s RH Series was designed with the input of real drivers in real jobs. International designed the interior of the RH based on a study of interaction points between the driver and truck—from what drivers see to how they react to different driving scenarios.

The studies brought a large, swept-back windshield, optimized mirror placement, and an aerodynamic sloped hood for clearer view—specifically a forward view as little as 21 ft in front of the truck. But comfortable driving goes beyond visibility of the exterior.

The standard premium gauge cluster of the RH offers drivers key information and alerts in a convenient place, free of distraction and within clear view. A customizable digital display allows drivers to select the information they prefer in a variety of situations. Cluster information includes fuel economy, axle load, custom gauge settings, safety indicators, digital speedometer, and tire pressure. Navigate between these digital information screens with intuitive controls such as a back button, navigation button, and OK/reset button.

Drivers also experience easier shifting in an International RH. The stalk shifter is mounted on the steering column, allowing for easy reach and smooth operation. Change gears and engage engine braking all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. With the shifter on the steering column, convenience meets safety.

Driver safety is a top priority for International. That’s why the Bendix Wingman Fusion system—with collision mitigation technology, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, over-speed alert, and stationary vehicle braking—is included as a standard feature. Other safety systems are available such as Bendix Wingman Advanced and Wabco OnGuardACTIVE. These systems are sure to help keep your driver alert and working efficiently.


Another important component of the perfect vocational truck is its efficiency. Compared to previous generations of International trucks, the RH is up to 6% more fuel efficient. The A26 engine alone produces 5% of the RH’s improved fuel efficiency. Innovative technology allows the truck to get optimum performance out of every drop of fuel. The other 1% of the 6% fuel efficiency gain is due to the aerodynamic design of the truck.

The RH is also more lightweight. Its single canister after-treatment device is smaller, lighter, and easier to service than its predecessors’ device, giving it a weight savings of 105 lbs. Strong, lightweight aluminum suspension components give the RH a smooth ride and reduce weight by 128 lbs. The A26 engine is constructed of advanced lightweight materials to reduce weight by 55 lbs. Finally, aluminum fuel tank hangers shed 53 lbs off the RH.


Once you’ve decided the RH is the perfect local delivery truck for you, choose to deploy International’s OnCommand Connection to manage your fleet. It’s the first and only all-makes diagnostic system that enhances uptime by accurately and efficiently monitoring all the trucks in your fleet in real time.

OnCommand Connection helps fleet managers maintain their trucks by monitoring and managing hundreds of fault codes, connecting fleets with service centers and manufacturers, and it helps managers make informed choices to manage fleets for maximum productivity.

OnCommand Connection is capable of diagnosing your entire fleet, it provides action plans for more than 18,000 engine and vehicle faults, and it prioritizes needed repairs while avoiding unnecessary service visits. Talk about a handy connection!

Along with OnCommand Conneciton, International dealerships are available to assist any maintenance needs that develop during the job. With more than 724 dealer locations in North America (with 488 locations open on Saturday and 47 locations open on Sunday), you’re never too far from Diamond Edge certified service for your work horses. After all, trucks drive your business, and when a truck is down, you’re losing money.

With an International RH, you’re sure to get one of the best heavy-duty local delivery vehicles. The truck was made specifically for this application with a focus on drivers’ needs and efficiency. Add International’s OnCommand Connection and its dealer network with readily available service centers, and you won’t regret your decision.


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