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Western Star designed its 4700 to fit a wide array of customer needs, from construction to towing and recovery. Not only can the 4700 take on most any job, it also has a top-notch ride quality. Made with the customer in mind, the 4700 appeals to the need for space, comfort, and customization.
Western Star offers more than 3,600 options for the 4700 as far as customization, providing customers with the truck they need and the looks they want. The 4700 is hand-built to customer specification at either of Western Star’s two truck plants, located in Cleveland, North Carolina, and Portland, Oregon. To save on installation time and offer trouble-free operation, Western Star makes its trucks with body-builder specific options and offers point-to-point wiring for expedient electrical hookup and easy diagnosis in the field.


The 4700 comes standard with the Detroit™ DD13 12.8-liter engine on set-back axle (SB) and set-forward axle (SF) options. The DD13 puts out 350-505 hp and 1,250-1,850 lb-ft of torque. Detroit built its DD13 to perform, even when pushed to its limits, and provide economy and serviceability. Customers can pair the DD13 with either a standard Eaton Fuller 10-, 11-, 13-, 15-, or 18-speed transmission, optional Eaton Fuller UltraShift PLUS, or optional Allison Automatic 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, or 4700 transmission.
Western Star also offers a Cummins® ISL 8.9-liter engine option in the 4700. The Cummins ISL provides 260-380 hp and 750-1,250 lb-ft of torque. The Cummins engine option can also be paired with the abovementioned transmissions.
The Western Star 4700 SB is available in factory 4×4 or 6×4 configurations to take you where you need to go off-road. The all-wheel drive version is offered exclusively with the Cummins ISL and the Allison 3000 RDS automatic transmission.
Featured Image: Western Star’s 4700 can tackle a range of jobs, no matter the weather or road conditions.
Above: The galvannealed steel cab of the 4700, with a 17-stage e-coat process for corrosion resistance, stands up to tough environments and long miles on the road. 

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At Western Star, the idea of disposable trucks is laughable. The galvannealed steel cab of the 4700, with a 17-stage e-coat process for corrosion resistance, stands up to tough environments and long miles on the road. Since Western Star’s frames are custom built for customers’ application needs, you know it’ll have the proper foundation for the job. To eliminate unnecessary holes and increase strength after piercing, Western Star custom-pierces per serial number then shot peens the frames for added durability.
There’s tough—and then there’s tough. Western Star offers a severe-service cab option with extra gussets and reinforcements for added safety. Standard on the 4700 are forged steel door hinges for greater strength and increased longevity; J-brackets to prevent fuel tanks from dropping; ribbed fuel tank straps to prevent tank roll; and marine grade switches to protect from water, salt, and the occasional spilled beverage.


The Western Star 4700 boasts overall driver comfort design with more space and features than thought possible. With a staggering 90.55 cubic feet inside the cab, comfortable seats, and increased legroom, the 4700 could double as your living room. It has more space between the clutch pedal and sidewall to increase foot room and suspended brake and clutch pedals to increase safety. The large door openings make entry and exit easier.
Another great attribute of the 4700 is the cab’s sound reduction. The double door seals work to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system, providing a quieter ride, while insulation in the cab walls and under the floor mat greatly increases thermal and acoustic performance. The floor mats are also nearly an inch thick, which reduces road noise for increased driver comfort.
For additional comfort and safety, Western Star’s 4700 utilizes rubber bump stops, improving the ride over rugged terrain, as well as non-glare gauges to improve readability and reduce driver fatigue.
The 4700 may wade through tough environments, but it doesn’t mean the driver has to.


Western Star knows the importance of maximizing uptime, so ease of serviceability for the 4700 was a top priority. Features to aid in this include 90-degree hood tilt; in-dash electrical panels with plug-in fuses or optional automatic reset circuit breakers; point-to-point wiring for greater dependability; color-coded and laser-etched wiring for fast circuit tracing; and individually replaceable grille bars for reduced maintenance cost.
In the event your 4700 needs a little more help than you can offer, Western Star provides a large network to support it, as well as the rest of its trucks. More than 250 dealers and parts distribution centers in North America—with a fill rate of more than 98 percent—allow your 4700 to be covered. Add on to that more than 800 Detroit Diesel and 3,500 Cummins service centers in North America and you know you’re in hands you can trust.StoryStopper-Icon


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