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When it comes to custom storage, nobody does it like CTech. Established in the mid-’90s to develop a better trailer cabinet solution, the Wisconsin-based company brings innovative products and services to market. Best known for introducing MotionLatch® tool drawers, CTech carts and cabinets are also in a class of their own. Now, customers can build custom cabinets entirely online thanks to a new tool on CTech’s website.


In an increasingly off-the-shelf economy, industry leaders like CTech continue to double-down on the notion that consumers deserve a more personalized product. For example, CTech’s entire catalog of aluminum storage products are designed and built from scratch to suit customer needs.

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Continuous reinvestment in automation and engineering has allowed CTech to make the most of this business model. The result: better storage solutions that can be customized in size, color, options, and much more.


Although CTech started in the motorsport industry, its patented MotionLatch® drawer function gained massive popularity in the work truck industry. The full-length latching drawer handle design has proven to be highly effective in demanding mobile environments. Not to mention, its lightweight aluminum construction helps boost overall vehicle efficiency and payload.

Soon after its introduction, MotionLatch® Tool Drawer units started making their way into nearly every major service body compartment on the market. This was only possible because each drawer stack could be quickly configured, manufactured, and shipped to dealers or OEMs around the country. As a result, MotionLatch® drawers are now the most sought-after drawer brand on the market.


The word “custom” is often associated with many negative connotations: expensive, slow, and complicated. Although custom results are usually spectacular, the resources required to get that end result can be significant. However, CTech’s business was built from the ground up (like its products) to support this approach.

The folks at CTech believe that the best storage solution is just that—a solution. One that’s been tailored to fit your exact space and needs. It would seem impossible to provide custom solutions without the custom price or timeline. Still, CTech goes beyond that to make the buying process even more accessible.


CTech has a long track record of providing high-performance cabinet solutions for trailers, workshops, and garages. Its new online cabinet builder represents a brand new way to shop for custom cabinets. With nothing but an internet connection, customers can now go online and build their own custom cabinets from scratch.

Cabinet size, color, opening contents, and other options can be freely modified. Customers may also view a 3D model of their custom creation before ordering. With trillions of possible cabinet configurations, there’s a good chance that your next cabinet solution exists on CTech’s website. All you need is a bit of inspiration and a computer or tablet to get started.

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