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Clarience Technologies Acquires Pressure Systems International


Clarience Technologies acquired Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.), a leading provider of automatic tire inflation systems for commercial truck trailers. This acquisition expands the company’s technology portfolio to include tire-related technologies currently gaining adoption as fleets shift toward electric vehicles.

“As electric vehicle fleets seek to maximize range and minimize downtime, tire rolling resistance plays an increasingly important role in determining EV range,” says Brian Kupchella, Clarience Technologies CEO. “P.S.I. is an industry innovator that expands our technology capabilities, making the company a strong, strategic fit with Clarience Technologies.”

The acquisition includes P.S.I. operations as well as the Truck System Technologies operations, both located in San Antonio, Texas. The company will operate as a distinct business unit of Clarience Technologies. Additionally, Tim Musgrave, president and CEO of P.S.I., will continue to lead the business in his current capacity.

“In 1993, we imagined a better way for fleets to keep their tires at the correct tire pressure,” Musgrave says. “We realized quickly we were doing more than forming a new company—we were launching a new industry. Now, as part of Clarience Technologies, we can continue delivering future innovations to transportation.”

With nearly 2 million systems commercially installed, P.S.I. has led the way in automatic trailer tire inflation system adoption. P.S.I. built upon that success, expanding into the RV market in 2017 with its acquisition of Truck System Technologies (TST). Today, TST offers the only OEM-approved, factory-installed tire pressure monitoring system for travel trailers.


As commercial trucking transforms due to electric and autonomous technology, the importance of tire health management becomes even more critical. Tire rolling resistance is critical to ensure optimal EV range—as nearly every other factor contributing to range limitation will be eliminated in an electric vehicle. What’s more, as autonomous driving technologies begin to take hold, automated maintenance like tire inflation affects range, safety, and uptime.

P.S.I.’s platform of tire pressure and peripheral sensors deliver industry leading data reliability. Not only can they assist with improving tire life and fuel consumption but can also be part of a complete connected vehicle system that is integral in the advancement of autonomous vehicles. With a set of optional sensors, P.S.I.’s TireViewTM delivers a holistic approach to vehicle health including air system status, potential brake issues, as well as monitoring for wheel end thermal events. Collectively, these “smarter,” more connected technologies will help Clarience Technologies deliver more complete solutions for an electric and autonomous future.

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