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Avoid Common TPMS Service Issues by Keeping Up-to-date TPMS Scan Tools

Continental urges all automotive service technicians to update their TPMS scan tools with their tool manufacturer’s latest software. Continental is launching a campaign to make service facilities aware that they need to keep their TPMS tools updated regularly. This ensures the shops can service all vehicle makes and models and help maintain trouble-free and profitable tire services.

Keeping an up-to-date TPMS scan tool is one of the most important service steps technicians can take. This is because many TPMS service issues encountered during a tire repair or replacement can be caused by out-of-date software. If using an out-of-date tool, the technician will face problems diagnosing TPMS faults and relearning sensors to the vehicle.

Sean Lannoo, Continental Sales Technical Training Supervisor notes, “TPMS relearn tool manufacturers update software almost on a monthly basis. Many factors can initiate a software change, such as new vehicle model introductions or older vehicle recalls. Keeping the relearn tool up to date with latest software will ensure quick and accurate relearns.”

An industry expert in TPMS, Lannoo leads a staff of professional, TIA-certified instructors. Lannoo conducts regular TPMS training programs for automotive technicians and parts professionals in co-operation with Tire Industry of America (TIA).

In addition to regular updates, aftermarket TPMS sensor manufacturers also regularly introduce new sensor part numbers to expand application coverage and accommodate new vehicles released by OEMs. These new sensors will require proper service of updated tool software.

Technicians should check with their tool manufacturer for the latest updates or go to the tool manufacturer’s website and find links to update their software.

Additionally, owners of Continental Autodiagnos™ TPMS Tools can download free software updates from the Autodiagnos website at

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