fleet vehicle’s appearance is a reflection of the business it promotes. The state of the vehicle also says a lot about the business, and that’s why it is so important to keep trucks and vans well-maintained and in pristine condition. Rust spots, dings, scratches, and chips all impact the perception of a fleet vehicle and the business it represents.

Small paint repairs to fleet vehicles quickly get pricey, depending on the number of vehicles that need repairs and the severity of the paint damage. When left too long, small scratches and chips in the exterior paint can lead to rusting.


AutomotiveTouchup is a paint repair option designed to make color-matching and DIY repairs as simple as possible for every user. With the ability to custom manufacture just about any vehicle color created, AutomotiveTouchup is the best option for keeping a fleet’s paint pristine and free of chips, dings, scratches, and the eventuality of rust. The company’s dedication to educating consumers on how to best select the proper color and apply the paint is outlined in detail on its website. In addition, AutomotiveTouchup how-to videos are featured on the homepage, thus allowing fleet maintenance supervisors to see just how simple touching up automotive paint really is.


The company offers four different types of paint application options for customers. Paint pens, brush-in-bottle paint available in half-ounce and two-ounce bottles, aerosol spray cans, or ready-to-spray paint for spray guns comprise the paint product offerings. Small nicks and chips are fixed with precision with paint pens or brush-in-bottle paint. The aerosol cans and ready-to-spray paint are designed to cover larger areas and are great to have on-hand in the event that body work needs to be completed and paint is required to finish the job quickly. To make application easier, the aerosol spray cans have a special nozzle designed to produce a fine, professional flow.


AutomotiveTouchup is a three-step paint process. Primer is used to provide the optimal surface for the paint to adhere for the best long-term results. Basecoat is then applied over the primer. Customers select the year, make, model, and color of their vehicle in order to match the paint ordered to the paint color of the vehicle. If the color is not available on the drop-down menu, AutomotiveTouchup can be contacted with the paint code the customer needs in order to create the necessary color. The website even provides instructions on where paint codes for base colors can be found. In addition, customers have the option of sending in a part, such as the gas door, for precise color matching of unusual colors. A high-gloss clearcoat is the last step in the paint process. Clearcoat protects the basecoat paint from damage and matches the high glossy shine of the rest of the vehicle’s paint.

“We try to make our products as easy to order and apply as possible,” says Paul Fernandez, general manager for AutomotiveTouchup. “Our paint is really useful for fleets because their vehicles are constantly being driven and exposed to conditions which can damage the paint. Highways are prime opportunities for rocks to hit the paint and chip it. Ladder racks and workers lifting tools and supplies in and out of their vehicles create situations where paint can be scratched or dinged. With our paint, fixing those areas can be done quickly so that the metal underneath the paint doesn’t rust.”

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AutomotiveTouchup also offers all related paint accessories to perform the repair. Body products such as body filler, glazing and spot putty, and plastic applicators for body products are also available, allowing customers to fill in the chips or dings before applying the paint. Bumper repair kits fill in the chips of the bumper. Sandpaper specifically for smoothing the body of the vehicle can be purchased through AutomotiveTouchup as well.


The company created a simple process for fixing problems that plague many fleets across the country, thus allowing fleets to look their best, reflect well on the company, and keep the vehicles out of the professional body repair shops for extended periods of time, reducing downtime and saving money.


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