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There’s no question that Isuzu has dominated the LCF market for years. It’s not just because the company puts out an amazing truck, but also because it follows sales up with outstanding customer service.
Isuzu offers vehicle health reports performed at each scheduled maintenance cycle that provides operational data that helps maximize a lower cost of ownership. Plus, roadside assistance is standard for the first three years (unlimited miles) on N-Series Diesel trucks. The NQR falls into this category, a diesel LCF with a GVWR of 17,950 to 23,950 lbs depending on wheelbase and cab configuration. While the NQR might be taking a back seat in notoriety to the 2018 FTR, it’s not without its merits.


Isuzu features are designed to make the driver more comfortable and improve efficiency while enhancing productivity. With a class leading payload of 7,435 to 7,607 lbs, the NQR is able to take the crew and equipment—or cargo—where it needs to go. The NQR regular cab accepts body lengths up to 20 ft, while the crew cab accepts bodies up to 16 ft. Plus, NQR offers a turning radius with a 49.5 degree wheel cut angle, which means it’s made to excel in urban environments.
Front tapered and rear multi-leaf suspension offers a smooth ride for added driver comfort while the 30-gallon rear-mounted in-rail fuel tank means less stopping for fuel. Plus, Isuzu’s 4HK1-TC 5.2-liter turbocharged intercooled diesel engine is fuel efficient and has a B10 durability rating of 375,000 miles. It’ll be a while before the NQR stops. The 4HK1-TC provides 215 hp and 452 lb-ft of torque and is paired with an Aisin A465 6-speed automatic transmission with double overdrive and lock-up in second through sixth gears.

The NQR offers outstanding visibility and a high rigidity cab for collision safety. Driver-friendly entry and exit with 85 degree door swing, grab handles, and entry step make getting in and out of the cab safer and less exhausting. And, the techs will be happy to know that Isuzu’s tilt-cab design makes access to the engine easier than ever.


You might remember me mentioning roadside assistance earlier. Well, we’re about to get into the specifics. Isuzu’s standard roadside assistance includes towing for warrantable defects and tire issues, as well as jump starts, fuel and fluid top offs via service provider, and more. But, Isuzu’s after-the-sale support goes beyond that. Another benefit of owning an NQR is Isuzu’s Oil Coverage Program, which covers the following scheduled maintenance services:

  • “A” Service: This service interval runs every 10,000 miles and offers complete vehicle inspection plus engine oil and filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, chassis, cab, powertrain, and rear body inspection/lubrication, diagnostic report, fluid top off.

There are also a number of optional services, including evaluation and recommendation of brake service, tire selection and replacement, and substitute vehicles.
I’m going to bring up another feature I mentioned earlier: vehicle health reports. “Isuzu diesel trucks incorporate a powerful vehicle management tool as a standard feature,” according to Isuzu. “It’s a Data Recording Module (DRM) that monitors your truck’s performance in several vital areas. Your Isuzu Truck dealer can provide a computerized health report of your truck’s condition, usage, and driving patterns.”
Vehicle health reports show the current status of engine condition, emissions system conditions, brake usage history, fuel economy, and driver operating habits. “The reports indicate possible areas of concern that may require attention to maximize your uptime,” according to the company.
The NQR comes with every available option to make it the star of your fleet.


Headquartered in Anaheim, California, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. is the distributor of Isuzu commercial trucks in the US. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Find out more, visit


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